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  1. Now imagine this looped into a Shepard tone pattern. Would make for an amazing background ambience in a video game.

  2. It for sure has Shepard vibes! The diesis (small step in 31) also makes for a great partner of the Shepard tone phenomenon.

  3. Bundled a big chunk of my catalogue and uploaded it to Spotify as this collection playlist. Hope you enjoy!

  4. If anything it'll give your more perspective on 12tet I'd say. I think you'll enjoy exploring deeper into intonation!

  5. Neutral sounds to me open up a whole parallel world to semitone stuff. I think it does have a lot of harmonic functions besides being melodic passing tones but if you're simply making 'western' harmony and then squeezing in neutrals you'll kinda get into this chaotic space I think.

  6. Just intonation is most simply understood as notes being perfectly in tune with eachother. When harmony is 'perfect', the notes are justly tuned/intonated.

  7. In terms of JI, it kinda depends on the ratios and also on what types of harmonies you're going for. There are many many options.

  8. That‘s really cool sounding stuff!. Are you map a sample and playing it in 31 EDO on a keyboard on that first track?

  9. Cheers! I tune my synths to 31-EDO indeed and then compose with my midi-keyboard at hand.

  10. An archive of my released youtube stuff from mid 2020 'til mid 2022. Lots of 31-EDO. Hope you enjoy!

  11. What comes to mind is Heptapod B, a sound by Jóhann Jóhannsson used in the movie Arrival.

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