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  1. I also came here to say Vienna. We only booked the trip because airfare was crazy low at the time, but were pleasantly surprised. The history, the public transit, and the food definitely make it worth a repeat visit.

  2. Agree! Had a flight out of Vienna so we stayed 4 days and had the best time. People were lovely, fun things to do, food was great, loved Vienna!

  3. Haven’t been in a while and they don’t have an online presence, but barrio cafe down Christine Ave is really good value. I think from memory the bacon egg roll with cheese and a hash brown was like $8 or something, and they have deals for with a coffee etc.

  4. Oh no!! I have a United / Lufthansa flight coming up next month from Australia - US - Europe.

  5. I work in NSW Gov and we have flexible working - I do a 9 day fortnight and 6 of those days from home.

  6. Something tells me they’re further ahead than they’re letting on. That press conference made the killer think they’re lost even tho it sounds like they have quite a bit of info almost slipping up multiple times

  7. I’m thinking this too, particularly as at the end when asked a question he responded with “that comes into play a little later” (or something to that effect).

  8. Have flown on them 30+ times never had a single issue and they also have very affordable and good food options

  9. For the price, I'd go with the Aloft by Marriott. Super close to the terminal and a decent little gym. Beds are decent and the Aloft showers are awesome.

  10. Would you recommend this location if I still want to head into town for the day?

  11. Yes, BART station is at the airport. Easy ride into the City

  12. 36 here, have never wanted kids and am very happy with the decision.

  13. Price for return flights Perth - Edinburgh over December and January for two people with Qantas or Emirates was going to be between 10 - 12k.

  14. $3500 BNE to CDG via SFO doing a stop over. Same as you, trying to utilise the 2 weeks annual leave so this is over peak period.

  15. Asian style broths are amazing with some minced meat! I like port or chicken or even a combo.

  16. Outside Ally Pally this time of year? You'll be soaking wet and frozen to the core!

  17. Haha sorry I meant out of Ally Pally as in a pub or somewhere else that might have the darts on and a bit of a vibe!

  18. Check Fanzo - that lists which pubs show which games/fixtures/matches/whatever other names there are for sports events.

  19. To add to this I travel a lot so having the Amex free travel insurance is a total blessing. I’ve had to use it before and it’s amazing.

  20. About to try this insurance for an upcoming trip so glad to see the recommendation!

  21. Yep closed in Feb. went downhill steadily before that

  22. Yeah we tried menu log once. It said 25-35min and then just kept increasing with a driver never assigned. Called the restaurant who confirmed it had been cooked and was waiting cold. Cancelled. Deleted app.

  23. I don’t want to shit on any venues in particular but sit down restaurants asking me to order via QR code. I get it at cafes, casual bars etc but it’s sorta awkward at decently priced dinner venues everyone constantly getting their phone out to order and pay, and no cohesion with the food coming out etc.

  24. What about when they ask to add a tip after you’ve just placed your own order!

  25. Mate, last time I was there, it was so dirty, drinks all over the floor, tables completely soaking wet.

  26. Couldn’t agree more it’s so rank there now! And trying to go to the bathroom is horrific.

  27. Haha not at all. The triffid is a great venue with a neat beer garden - they do arvo seshes, and Brewdog is just about to open on Brunswick street. The Prince is a bouji bar that has beer garden and live music with a nightclub/venue space called La La Land. Good gig venues to check out for touring and local bands are triffid, the zoo, black bear, brightside, oskulligans. All in the valley. If you are after a covers band, the pubs along south bank - the plough inn etc and pubs that are in the inner city suburbs should all provide!

  28. Oh awesome yes I remember that place the triffid, I saw Matty Matheson there!

  29. Ahhaha appreciate this! I’m just on the GC and it’s not too bad here today ….. looks like my plans for the hotel pool can go out the window. More time to explore your recommendations! 😊

  30. I’ve had Christmas Day in Barcelona before and we had a great time! We were staying in Gracia so we strolled around the streets which were all lit up with pretty lights; we then did a bit of a crawl between various pintxos places trying food and beers.

  31. I have no kids and no daycare experience but read this whole thing and had a good laugh. Thanks.

  32. The road has collapsed in that area it won’t be rectified by next week. You can still have a great time though and take an alternative route.

  33. It was 2pm Spain time when the story started in the media in Australia though

  34. Apparently Toby Sexton posted something along the lines of asking them if they were pretending they were in The Hangover and deleted it pretty quickly.

  35. I get 150k which I’m quite happy with and do everything I want - am very social, love travel, eat out a lot etc. however my partner gets 50k. We have been together for ages and he always looked after me when I was in uni so we combine funds (my idea) and whilst I’m fine with it - I do sometimes ponder how much more comfortable we would be if he earned more, even $20-30k more!

  36. I am with recruiters...they don't understand it either. One just said to me "you are exactly what they are looking for. I interviewed you and found you 100% suitable" and truly? She was as perplexed as I was.

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