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  1. Congrats, lots of Max hits recently I feel like.

  2. I have some other cool hits but bc everyone is flaunting mjf I had to too

  3. If you’re looking to sell, my daughter loves them both and I’m looking for a bday gift

  4. Lol I love Leva.... Me and her talked quiet a bit as the all out pre party she was just walking around

  5. I’m sure she’s great, I think the voting just represents her lack of exposure on mainstream aew programming recently

  6. Well I got Leva to sign my DM handbook a while back so I guess it would be her. She’s still my favorite woman on the roster tho 👍

  7. Yeah no offense to leva. I just was just a little shocked seeing her name on the checklist. She was the only one I hadn’t heard of.

  8. BBTS seems to be the last to get everything. I collect a lot of NECA stuff and I'll pre-order from them for insurance...But 99% of the time I'll find it in stock somewhere else before they ship.

  9. I was considering canceling the preorders and just buying the same figures from eBay at the same price from US sellers. At this point I’ve waited so long I might as wait a little bit more.

  10. You’re right the crowd was quieter than usual, esp for an aew ppv. Still the elite and mjf got their big pops per usual.

  11. Good job taking the time to pose them. A lot of displays are just figures standing hands at their side or just dukes up.

  12. Do you have any base cards (no parallels) that you might sell? I need about 30 or so more to complete the set. LMK. Thanks!

  13. Hot damn! After 3 boxes, Id say you were owed a card like this. Congrats.

  14. Yeah pretty bad luck for boxes guaranteed to get hits. Some of the other hits were: jake Hager base auto, Shawn spears base patch, Leila hirsch numbered card, big show numbered card, isiah kassidy base patch, Kip Sabian numbered card, metal chair shot Matt hardy, Scorpio sky base auto. If you like most of these people I guess you’d have a different reaction but for me that’s pretty mid. And by the way none of those numbered cards were less than 50.

  15. One of the few wrestler patches that aren’t black/grey in the original set (along with orange cassidy and ftr and Jim Ross). Nice

  16. Bret vs Shawn is famously divisive. I’m not a big fan of it. But Brock vs Kurt Angle is a masterclass.

  17. Agree, in general better but that’s not to say there aren’t some absolute gems in their licensed figure line.

  18. That's assuming that any Gomez is essential, of course?

  19. At least one Gomez is essential if you’re a Mezco collector, though not at scalper prices obv.

  20. Besides the bosses, I’ve stopped collecting the mk line. I used to have all the ninjas but sold them and I’m not buying them back. At least you’ve got your priorities right, a house is a tad bit more important lol.

  21. I promised I'll never buy one of the first ninjas because of their steep price, but have had some luck and found them on the "cheap" (all things considered) and I don't regret it

  22. I will probably pay whatever they want to charge for that shao khan plus throne, unfortunately

  23. Question is are we looking at a monster in a zombie film or an old victim in a slasher film?

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