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  1. Solo espero que no sea yo el único que piensa que están todos muy pesados con el tema de la ley de Montero. 🤦‍♂️

  2. people in the comments calling her stupid for her acts and adding these high IQ takes of “play stupid games” or “this is what Tik Tok does”…, “these damn influencers”. Oh wait, what about all these crowd down there hitting and humiliating this woman for this and recording it, how you call that, human stupidity? I don’t even know too much context of this, but this shouldn’t be justified

  3. And why not, for me I don't care where my taxes goes, I prefer to pay them for the maintenance and comfort of the prisoner, and more knowing that Id rather prefer to be in the situation where I’m alive, not in jail and have the ability of pay my taxes for that criminal, after all, you're not going to go bankrupt for it, and much better rather than being the prisoner whose life is being debated just for the whim of money.

  4. Pues que como cada grupo siempre tira para su discurso, pues estarían haciendo manifestaciones, o tal vez no, de la misma manera que ahora en vez de ver manifestaciones en las calles, lo que si se huele es un ambiente a chamusquina, constantes críticas a la nueva ley y al sistema de justicia, al gobierno, críticas a todo, vamos, que mal, muy mal según algunos de ciertas ideologías… otros que somos neutros y nos tomamos las noticias con cautela para no caer tan rápidamente en este tono justiciero y paternalista agotador, pues lo vemos de otra manera, fuera de la propaganda de unos y otros porque la verdad, es todo muy confuso

  5. My most controversial opinion is that if everyone in the planet agreed to stop reproducing, natality would drastically fall but that consequently would mean that bad life quality, depression, poverty, and other generational problems would drastically disappear, it’s basic logic although it may sound controversial, the less of something, the less of future problems related to that ‘something’. Also, we would see less genetic and inherited diseases since it would drop to almost zero.

  6. Im sure they exist, at least in our Galaxy and possibly nearby planets, and the strongest evidence is that it is likely that we ourselves come from organic matter that comes from a meteorite or asteroid that hit millions of years ago, if this is so and conditions in these planets are right for the formation of alien life, then they most likely exist. As for intelligent life, it is also very likely too.

  7. Something like sterilization. It would be a win win. Less genetic diseases, less poverty, less inequality, less resources being wasted, less crime, and a very long etc. And here is where I’m very radical. However, even if forced sterilization would help, I think it would end up radicalizing people and making them fall into a worst cycle.

  8. Too late to reply, but thanks for sharing this opinion. Nowadays people act with such revenge and psychopathy. They don’t know their fellow humans, I’m sure they wouldn’t like to be in that situation where they get shot to death for some stupid action they chose to do. It’s just psychopathy plain and simply no one of these damn gun nuts and right wingers can convince me that “but men just muh self defense”

  9. Saying offensive things about other things or beliefs is not something bad. Why should someone get offended by a joke? If that’s the case, I’d say that his/her beliefs are inconsistent

  10. So you have empathy for someone who screams at a waitress or barista because you assume they have their own personal issues going on?

  11. Well yes, someone who commits such stupid act like shouting at a barista or whatever other person or worker, without any justification, is in my opinion, an idiot. However, I need to understand the reason why that idiot acts in that way, rather than see how the worker punches him in the face to applaud it. What mental outbreak did that guy had is a good question. What mental health situation lead him to do that... etc, rather than simplify the situation by demonizing the person who did that. And that’s what I personally don’t like

  12. OP I'm more curious to understand your perspective than to actually debate you on this. Are there any specific examples you can refer to here?

  13. Well, sorry that I didn’t specify well. The most specific examples I can refer is when let’s say, when some assaults or rob, etc, basically commits an act that is bad for the victim and therefore the victim defends itself in order to prevent that person from assaulting him. In some cases, the victim in order to defend himself shoots or punches the bad guy. That’s where I want to start, and what I wanted to criticize is how society in general accept without any questioning that certain actions have consequences, even if this leads to the death of the criminal, that’s the part I don’t like. Not because I support the actions of the bad guy, but because people cheering at the bad outcomes that someone experiences, even if deserved, is not the best principles that a society should follow. Maybe, I exaggerated in the post saying that this is a psychopathic trait and maybe is not the best way to describe this psychological phenomena.

  14. This is why I’m never ever getting into a relationship with anyone

  15. I wonder why many people in general have this weird fetish for wanting burn these predators to death. Jesus Christ, some people should look to themselves rather than thinking they are doing something good for society.

  16. Literally these kind of criminals have the longest sentences any other criminal can have.

  17. Probably would liberalism, but I would say pacifism (actively against all forms of violence and punitive justice) without a specific ideology. As far as that ideology respects the boundaries and differences of all people... i still not liking all these political philosophies because all I need is some sort of ideology that search’s the needs of the individuals first, some kind of psychological ideology focused on the betterment of peoples mental health in general, without resorting to vague ideologies that rely on the traditional status quo of solving only what affects the most of people and seeking the same solutions that will only make people comfortable (democracy). It never considers a ‘psychological’ solution to our problems. Ideologies that arise from populist roots, like, for the people or the country, for the economy, for the workers, for the community, for the rights of x group of people... etc. I think that’s the failure of almost all ideologies.

  18. I don’t know what’s worse. This guy trying to mess with the bull, or the comments saying “got what he dezerveddd”

  19. I think there’s a difference between acting in self defense because you are fearing for your life and simply applaud it. Most of people who are prone to support violence at all costs will accuse me of being too pacifist or outside of what they call the “real world”, however, these kind of people, that aren’t precisely a small group, are actually living in their own world where everyone agrees each other and cheer when they see a “bad guy” getting what he deserves.

  20. I don’t know if is just Americans or what I think the vigilantism culture (that’s the name for this kind of fetishism for the “you got what you deserved!!”) is very widespread everywhere, UK have this problem too, Spain as well, specially among right wing ideologies are often very pro self defense to the point of glorifying violence

  21. I don’t like feminism, (I don’t necessarily hate it) because I think is way too promoted nowadays, and at some point I find it too arrogant. By the way, what I dislike most from feminism is it’s punitive rhetoric and cancel culture, which is rarely criticized when we discuss the flaws of feminism.

  22. What’s the difference between right wing and lolbertarian larpers and these group of soft left-friendly 2A progressive gun activists such as armed equality or SRA? I generally think that there aren’t many differences. These last ones don’t sound too different from libertarians when it comes for their fanatism for guns. . I say this because I see a concerning trend of leftists and anarchists who are gun friendly and will use the pro gun rhetoric to push its toxic ideology and label anyone who isn’t enough pro gun as a “racist gun grabber that probably is a cop and works for the big government” and will spout that kind of Malcolm X woke discourse criticizing white liberals and people who aren’t gun friendly. Having a left friendly pack and minority friendly doesn’t mean that all these gun ideologies are less toxic. From what I’ve seen in

  23. I hate rain simply because you can’t go anywhere. Except when you are in your cozy car taking a nap

  24. Some people deserve to die but the government isn’t competent enough to decide who or how

  25. Then you believe in death penalty, you just aren’t sure about how to apply it. If that government worked and agreed to carry it because society supported it, would you agree with it? I think when we debate death penalty everyone seems to bring the topic of “its more/less expensive to...” or “I support it but government shouldn’t...” when it should boil down to “bad people who do bad things deserve/don’t deserve death.

  26. Is not that death is an easy way out. Is that just deciding about if they deserve their life or not, is simply inhumane and cruel. Death is the worst punishment anyone can experience

  27. That violence solves problems. Only psychopaths and bigots agree with that

  28. I think that the ideal of happy married monogamous couple is way too idealized by society while non relationships or simply open relationships are demonized. I’m surprised by the amount of people here who disagree with you when I simultaneously believe that anti natalism is directly linked with the idea of not being into a relationship. I mean, in most of cases, procreation, family values are both the result of long term relationships

  29. As a person who would die on a hill to fight against death penalty and other severe punishments, obviously not.

  30. Because reddit is a reflection of society and most of times society specially in big circles always ‘force’ you to accept the opinion of what the majority thinks. This have happened always, but it’s worse nowadays with social media

  31. Yes. And why not put that limit on zero? Although it may sound ridiculous for most of people, this will eventually reduce suffering, inequality and genetic diseases.

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