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  1. I know it’s not original Groot, I just though it would’ve been an awesome way to come full circle and make him tall old man Groot.

  2. I never knew it wasn’t meant to be the same character ahah

  3. Play sun spot. Play moon girl. Skip turn 5. Play infinaut and multiple she hulks. Literally super easy.

  4. Perhaps, or maybe Gunn is making the focus on Rocket so when he dies early in the film everyone will assume the other Guardians are safe and then catch us off-guard by killing of someone else (Possibly Mantis).

  5. I don’t think they would kill Mantis right after what we’ve learned in the special

  6. Apparently Alex Jones pushed back on his anti-Semitism, when Alex fucking Jones is the voice of reason you are too far gone.

  7. even Alex Jones was like let's pump the brakes here

  8. what's wrong with Jordan Peterson? what illness does he have?

  9. The picture is photoshop lol.

  10. I dont see the issue, its just a bit more efficient than a whale normally deciding to drop $100 on credits.

  11. Exactly, this is not for the casual F2P player... it doesn't change anything to your gameplay or experience

  12. if they decided to give all cards for 50 usd, do you think it wont change your experience? This is the same but with a lower impact

  13. A card which you can obtain for free and is purely cosmetic?

  14. I agree. Mike is must see TV. I think Jorge thinks it’s still 2019 and he’s next in line for the belt.

  15. Jorge probably has CTE from his Usman defeat lol

  16. You can't hate Red and Kitty for doing this. They deserve whatever payday brought them back.

  17. why would people hate on Red and Kitty?

  18. What’s wrong with people asking for help?

  19. All four of my cards were already on District X at the start of turn 6. He knew my total power there would be 10. Why play a 3-power card when that wouldn’t win the location, and it destroyed the locations where he was winning?

  20. Sometimes you just gotta show it to them

  21. one would say, he's a real man's man

  22. Steen also told a story about how Brian Kendrick really hated Sami at one point. I think they were working a match in PWG with Kendrick, Generico and two other guys, and Sami had this whole idea about what to do and wouldn't budge on anything or just try to make it a group effort. So at one point, Kendrick just said something like "I'm removing myself from this match, just tell me what you want me to do and I'll do it, but if you don't trust a veteran like me, then I'm just checking out". They did the match Sami's way, but he really rubbed Kendrick the wrong way, and it's something Sami has a habit of doing. To be fair, Owens said it doesn't come from a place of malice, it's just Sami is so passionate that it gets in his own way. But I can see how it would turn people off Zayn.

  23. And it debuted at #1 at the box office.

  24. IMO Becky’s reached a point in her star power that she doesn’t need a belt anymore

  25. Ah this reminds me of simpler times

  26. the camera work made it feel not as epic as at Full Gear for some reason

  27. especially looking like this lol

  28. needs to be the bromance thor with hyperion fighting the beyonders

  29. One of the most iconic villains in movie history? That situation? Seems to have worked out ok for them

  30. Most definitely ahah, not saying otherwise

  31. Interesting? Seriously? Was it that… uh, interesting, that they couldn’t come up with a better word?

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