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  1. I'd rather see a documentary on the current state of the sport/ betting scandal

  2. It would be good if WST could actually organise some tournaments abroad, maybe in Europe?

  3. Would it kill them to stick on a tournament in Rep. Of Ireland?

  4. Afaik, the mandatory 1 year separation doesn't have to be in separate addresses. You could claim that you've been sleeping in separate bedrooms, but your husband would have to support that claim.

  5. Anyone got a link?, Eurosport arent showing Ford V Ding

  6. No, you can't just take them down, no matter how strongly you personally disagree with them. If you believe they actually constitute some kind of a crime, such as incitement to racial hatred, you can report them to the police. But bear in mind that it's not a crime simply because it advertises a party you don't like: there has to be something illegal in the poster itself.

  7. I'm reminded of a NPD poster, maybe 10 years ago, that had the party leader at the time posing on his motorcycle. The slogan on the bottom said ""Gib gas".

  8. Depending on the venue, you might take a cushion. Seats can be wooden or hard plastic and are very uncomfortable especially if you're there all day. You always spot the hardcore fan at the German Masters. They are the ones carrying cushions.

  9. I hope for you they don't cancel it without any explanation like they did with the European tour

  10. Is it cancelled though?, I was told it was postponed. It's been 3 weeks since the original date and still no info.

  11. Good on Wakelin for winning that big match against Robertson ! So many shoot out winners are one hit wonders. I hopes he keeps up the food form.

  12. Ah, I get it. Ford and Carter. 🤦

  13. They just announced Japan/Australia tour on Instagram which feels like a slap to the face for UK/EU fans. I wish they have given us an explanation as to why it’s being postponed and to when :/

  14. Its pretty annoying alright, i have a ticket to the Berlin concert and still no new date

  15. I live in Germany and the last 5 concert tickets I have bought were cancelled.!!. Most of the bands didn't give much detail either.

  16. Unfortunately, Jack Lisowski's biggest nemisis , Jack Lisowski, will also be there.

  17. Jimmy White has had a few shandies.

  18. Although Holt is an amateur and he was ranked in the 20’s

  19. Yeah, i noticed that, im still confused.

  20. I have been having the same problems the last week or so. NordVPN works fine for 5 or 10 minutes and then reduces my speed by 80 or 90% or sometimes doesnt work at all. I have tried multiple servers all over Europe with Openvpn (tcp) and NordLynx protocols.

  21. In the Republic of Ireland, ffs.

  22. Watching Carter V Murphy, commentated by Phil Yates. I feel like I'm punishing myself on so many levels.

  23. I was at the final of the German Masters last year, as I am every year, and it was a 9-0 whitewash by Xintong over Bingtao. It wouldn't surprise me if that was a match that was fixed. Bingtao played atrociously and looked relaxed the whole time. I hope all these players get banned for at least as long as Stephen Lee. Anything else would be unacceptable.

  24. Tatiana Woolaston is, hands down, the fastest at getting the ball replaced.

  25. Cliff Thorburn is looking well.

  26. About 70 quid for single session of the final. Its not a ludicrous markup considering its the Masters. That said, a lot of tickets change hands on this subreddit for face value or even for free.

  27. Often times those sites get flooded and be a artifical lake. Here in east Germany we have many of those lakes that are even connected so you can travel on them for days. Water quality ranges from hazardous to pristine (totally clear for 5m to the bottom with many fish). I prefer the nature before the "Bagger" came.

  28. I live near a reclaimed Lignite mine. It took them 8 years to flood the mine and today it is an idyllic spot.

  29. Is that done with permanent marker?!!!......freehand?!!!!.......what the actual fuck?

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