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  1. Sorry for late replay, but you also have PD because of your inhaler? Also did washing your face after taking medicine and brushing your teeth solve it for you?

  2. That’s what my derm thinks, I did a round of doxycycline and that helped initially but then the bumps came back. It wasn’t until I started washing my face immediately after brushing my teeth that it went away

  3. I had the same exact thing, my pulmonologist told me not to worry about it. But I was only on it for two months and I went back to symbicort.

  4. Is it better to water orchids with ice cubes or let them sit in water for 5 minutes?

  5. Watering with ice cubes is a shitty marketing gimmick to keep people from over watering orchids, when in reality it is mostly slowly killing them from under watering instead. Not to mention the fact that these tropical plants have never seen freezing temperatures and any part of the plant that the ice touches can be cold damaged.

  6. I have a bunch all over my arms and my derm told me to get my liver checked, since they can be a warning for liver damage. It wouldn’t hurt to go to your primary care doctor.

  7. Did you get yours checked out in the end? I’ve only got a few on my hand.

  8. I’m going too. I have some on my hand too but more starting popping up on my arms and chest and shoulders so I’m getting it checked

  9. do u use spf? still hunting for one with my sensitive skin

  10. I do! I forgot to add it in the pic. I’m currently using MISSHA aqua sun gel spf 50. I haven’t any burning on my face from using it.

  11. I got it from Jolse, which I don’t recommend. My credit card gave me an alert and also took a month and a half to get here

  12. You may want to check out the ceramedx brand, they seem pretty similar.

  13. How do you like the double repair moisturizer? I’ve been trying and failing to find a moisturizer that doesn’t sting my dried out skin

  14. Kinda. Technically, that’s an inverted sploot

  15. I’ve used the honest beauty cream and it was so good, but my skin needed something thicker. It’s good under makeup

  16. I’ve been using the peach slices snail rescue wash off mask and I love it. It’s also a really decent price

  17. It honestly depends on what triggers your asthma, if that’s your reason for seeing the allergist. If you notice your asthma is worse during certain seasons or when you’re around dogs, cats, mold, dust, etc., then it could be affected by allergies.

  18. I love when they lay with the arms straight out 😂

  19. Oh god how did I not know about this?? Thanks!

  20. Damm. Have you been on tretinoin before? I’m on it and it’s really help with my acne but it’s sooooo drying. I heard aklief is much gentler and more effective but I live in Australia and don’t have access to it.

  21. No I haven’t used it before. I was hoping for tret when I went to the dermatologist, but she thought aklief would be better for me and she was right! I can use it every night with no issue.

  22. can you talk about the eucerin hand cream? do you use it on your face as well

  23. No I just use it on my hands, it’s pretty good

  24. I just bought the peach slices snail rescue toner and it’s been great for my dry and sensitive skin

  25. I ended up finishing it off as a body wash. It wasn’t terrible but I bought it to remove makeup, and it didn’t do that very well. I prefer a more hydrating second cleanser so it just didn’t fit into my routine, however it’s still a good cleanser

  26. Hi! I know you made this post awhile ago but do you still like it? I've been thinking about getting this cleanser.

  27. It took me about 3 months to notice a decrease in pimples from using Aklief every other night

  28. I’m currently using Aklief and vanicream moisturizing cream is the only thing that hasn’t irritated my skin.

  29. How long have you been using Aklief and how’s it going?

  30. I started using it the beginning of august every other day and now I use it every night right after washing my face. It has definitely helped with the stubborn hormonal cystic acne, but it did give me some dry patches my old moisturizer wasn’t helping. Now I use the vanicream and put Vaseline on as an extra layer just on my dry spots and it’s helped a lot.

  31. Oh those are going to look wonderful once they settle in and mature a bit. I love the aesthetics of

  32. I’m assuming you’re talking about the dracaena? The general rule of thumb is to not repot a plant for at least ~2 weeks after bringing it home. If it was already stressed from lack of water, the change of environment and the additional change into soil probably has it in shock. Imagine you’re jet-lagged and just came back from a trip but have to immediately move into another home. You’d probably be extremely tired and stressed out! If you repotted it in well-draining soil and in a pot that has drainage, I’d leave it alone and let it rest. It may bounce back! I find these very hardy and they thrive off neglect!

  33. Sometimes when your skin is extremely sensitive or your skin barrier is damaged, some products will start to burn. My skin is not at all sensitive, but then I started using Tretinoin + acids on the side. My barrier was damaged that products that are supposed to soothe started "burning", and they are products that I have been using for a while with positive effects. After I restored the health my barrier I started using all the products that "burned", and they work as intended with no negative side-effects.

  34. How did you restore your barrier? I’m currently on Aklief and spironolactone for acne and the Aklief I think has really sensitized my skin. I’m only using vanicream products right now

  35. I have super sensitive skin too and all the cucumber products from YesTo irritate me. I can use the charcoal products but nothing from the cucumber line!

  36. Yeah I was really disappointed, I was hoping it would be soothing for me

  37. When you mean days do you mean weeks because mine is still hiding in it’s roll

  38. I noticed the little roll last week, I was surprised how quick it opened

  39. I got this pretty beat up from Kroger for 7 dollars and I’m so excited that it’s spitting out new leaves!

  40. I saw tons of these beetles while hiking Konza prairie last week!

  41. How does the LRP cleanser compare to cerave?

  42. I’m not for sure, I’ve never used cerave cleansers

  43. Omg my doctor just put me on aklief and spiro. It’s only been about a month and I’ve had no results. Have you seen anything yet? Thinking about adding a birth control on top of it.

  44. I’ve only noticed my breakouts not lasting as long. Your doctor should have recommended birth control, my derm said spiro can cause birth defects if you get pregnant

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