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  1. Right? I thought this was a fantastic tweet! What a crazy story that almost sounds unbelievable

  2. It’s always crazy to me how being a few inches off someone’s bumper in a turn can disrupt the car in front too. Prime example of Harvick when Ross got close to him at Atlanta. Never even touched him but the air change made the 4 super loose.

  3. Now I am an idiot so don't take anything I say as the truth. But, I believe they got loose because that car is kinda rerouting air to not fully hit the spoiler. So the car doesn't stick nearly as much

  4. I believe that was the episode with Richard Childress

  5. I think Pinty's already has a trademark on Fall Brawl

  6. Sheamus was a planted security guard in 2006 when Vince told security to escort DX out of the building

  7. They have done some bad moves, but in terms of growing the business, this is the hottest F1 has been in probably their entire history. That Las Vegas GP in November is going to be crazy (not in terms of quality of the racing, but more in terms of business growth).

  8. Agreed. When Tim Cook is in your paddock and waving your chequered flag (altho very badly), your sport is the place to be

  9. Watch Gary Bettman award the Stanley Cup. He gets booed put of every single building he is in...

  10. Hate this take. Divebombing turn 1 isnt a Steak dinner. Side by side with rubbing doors? That's 100% NASCAR. Maybe a little bump and run for position. Not shoving cars into turn 1 so someone spins and you gain 10 spots. That takes zero talent. I could do that

  11. His interview with Jiminy Glick is comedy gold. I'll revisit it every few months to get a really good belly laugh

  12. Bless you for reminding me that Jiminy Glick existed!!!!

  13. Yeah me too. I think that’s a little different bc he was trying to get in his head and not anything on track. I was not a fan but you brought him up and I’m just showing the difference between him and how Suarez acts. It’s really not just about yesterday. I see a pattern. If he’s slightly faster he thinks he can and will do whatever to get by and not try to race by.

  14. The guy needs to kick the PR script more than anyone, yeah. This season in Cup he seems to have kept his nose clean, and he raced plenty respectful in the Xfinity COTA race.

  15. Yeah, dumping Jones last year hurt him in fans eyes a lot. Mine included

  16. If Gibbs is worse than Reddick and Busch, then why did JGR choose him over Reddick and Busch? Does JGR usually choose slower drivers over faster drivers or is there something different about Ty, like his last name?

  17. He is. He also has more insight than I expected about NASCAR and I never realized he was involved with RBR back when Yoda came to cup.

  18. I know what you mean but I just pictured Gunther and Yoda working on Red Bull Racing and that made me smile!!

  19. Kurt is fantastic. Extremely knowledgeable, personable, has a great voice and presence for the booth. Tony has also done great this year. As much as everyone else has sucked, the drivers they have brought in for guest spots has been on point.

  20. I might catch some hate for this but I even thought Danica did a decent job when they would let her talk. She seemed much more confident this go around! She showed a little bit more personality

  21. My favourite thing about this match is, according to Cody Rhodes, when Piper climbed in the ring he looked at Snuka and yelled out "YOUUUUU MOTHERFUCKERRRRR"

  22. I view this the exact same as a race where a guy led every lap until someone else won on a GWC.

  23. I hope Rey is in jail after assaulting his only son Dom.

  24. Often touted as the second best WM of all time. If Brock’s SSP came off properly, you’re looking at an all-time Wrestlemania moment.

  25. I agree to a point. I think Brock's botch actually adds to the moment. Guy almost killed himself, gets up, it's angle and still wins.

  26. Disagreed. Sometimes you just let that bias show. Much like Ned Jarrett watching Dale win the 500 3 times

  27. no whammies...unless you were the guy who memorized the pattern and won over $110,000

  28. Richard Petty set the standard decades ago on how to treat race fans. It was just who he genuinely was and still is today. The King led the way and the industry followed. No fans, no NASCAR. Fan appreciation is at the very core of the sport's history and success.

  29. The guy ran an extra season just for the fans to meet him as an active Winston Cup driver. That's extremely selfless

  30. Supercross later on tonight other than that nothing else going on this weekend other than cup race tomorrow

  31. So theoretically, if Jones catches Gibbs, does he dump him?

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