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  1. I’ve also got free HelloFresh boxes if the above run out

  2. He's adorable! The little chitter, the little jump. Give him his puppachino and then run out and get him another one!

  3. He got it when we finally got upstairs and after his breakfast! It was far too hot to give it to him then the poor thing

  4. I have the crumpler pedla Collab backpack that’s excellent (I believe it’s also sold by crumpler under another name). I can fit my laptop, notebook, breakfast, lunch, multiple snacks, tea thermos + change of clothes with room to spare.

  5. The real question is what camera you’re using?

  6. It’s a Cycliq Fly12. Bloody expensive but I had a near miss that the police declined to investigate in the absence of any evidence to support the complaint. A camera should help with that next time. I commute to work by bike so I figure the cost is worth it as insurance.

  7. Thanks and I’m sorry to hear that. I’ve wondered cynically about what good a camera/ footage would do of near misses…

  8. My rescue greyhound was similar in that he went from 0 to 100 with dogs very quickly in his enthusiasm. While he has mellowed out with age I credit the training that I’ve done with him the most.

  9. My Greybound is 16 months, and he’s nuts for like the first 20 minutes in the field, when did yours start to calm down?

  10. …when he was four I’m sorry to say! We got him when he’d just turned three and he had the sleeping for 20 hours per day thing down pat from the start but was definitely more activate at the park (and even did a couple of 5km runs with me 🤯). I think him mellowing out was both age, training and realising this new rescued life was his permanently. I know a couple of three year old greys raised from puppies and they still seem quite active, especially compared to Jayce!

  11. I agree with all the other comments our vet offers free dental checks done by a nurse and we get them every six months.

  12. Arguing what’s correct or not is irrelevant. As a rider or driver, you have to anticipate people doing the wrong thing. If I’m in a car and a truck is veering left across my lane… I’m going to slow down and pass them on the right.

  13. And I did slow down. My point being the car in my scenario or the truck in yours should have checked before moving into oncoming traffic in a dangerous way.

  14. Wait, your whole point is someone should obey the road rules?

  15. Seems like a lot of people struggle with that or are ignorant of rules such as head checks so yeah, apparently the point needs to be made 🤷🏻‍♀️

  16. This gets to a big problem with driver behaviour in that cyclists have no real way of communicating to drivers that they've done something wrong.

  17. Yep! I try if it’s safe (eg at lights or the driver was parking or something) to stop and explain it and 9/10 I’m verbally abused for taking the time to explain how they almost hit me and if it weren’t for my reflexes could have injured or killed me 🙃

  18. Oh good! Yes, whinge away. I hope you’ve got to reset your nervous system and had some TLC.

  19. Thanks, lots of dog cuddles yesterday afternoon!

  20. Jayce is adorable but the tree in the background looks like it’s on fire 😅

  21. 🤣🤣🤣 that’s east facing so probably the rising sun poking through!

  22. At first glance I thought this was am actual child dressed up for winter 😭💀

  23. I mean, it’s the same face. Muuuuuuuum do I have to?

  24. I recently flew them internationally as they were the cheapest option. While it isn’t a horror story, it was enough for me to decide to never fly them again:

  25. You are so fortunate that your boy is willing do tricks for you. Seriously. Our adoption group brought in a performing troupe of greys who did acrobatic (no kidding) tricks and afterward we were so inspired that we endeavored to teach our mob some simple tricks. Yeah, it went well. The typically gave us puzzled looks or looked at us like we had totally lost the plot and wandered off to find a vacant bed until we finally appeased them by taking the offered treat to the bed.

  26. To be honest we just started small but frequent. The first thing he learnt was shake and that took about a week of twice daily five minute long sessions. After that we started implementing a clicker which helped him pick stuff up a lot faster. It’s all about figuring out what’s of value to your dog. You may not have been offering high enough value treats or they may prefer other rewards like play or physical attention or even verbal praise!

  27. I'm impressed with your success at teaching "shake" to a grey. The closest I have gotten to 'tricks' was asking them to "do your supper dance", and they would anxiously shift from foot to foot whilst I dished out their meal.

  28. Shake was pretty easy. I had a treat in my hand and would encourage him to paw at it. I’d sometimes have to use my other hand behind his paw/ Leg to kind of tickle it so he’d move it. I marked whenever his paw lifted off the floor and then gradually changed the marking for when his paw met my hand.

  29. I feel like this has probably already been said but have you considered that you’re failing him by NOT trying meds? It’s like mental health meds for humans or even pain medication for any animal, they reduce stress or pain to allow us to continue functioning and work on underlying things causing the issues because we can function.

  30. Just because they CAN handle it doesn’t mean they SHOULD. People should not get a dog if they aren’t prepared to hire outside help if the residents will be gone for long hours. Dog walkers and sitters help break up those stretches.

  31. My dog is left alone for that long. We used to get in a dog Walker but he started refusing lunchtime walks as he’d much prefer to snooze. After clearing it with the vet we axed the dog Walker and he happily sleeps all day when I go into office. It’s only a couple of times per week but my point is that some dogs are perfectly happy to have that life and actively choose it (by not standing up for walks).

  32. I’d go to a running shoe store that stocks multiple brands, not a branded store as ASICS may not be the best fit for your feet. As someone who’s learning how to do a gait analysis and fit people correctly it is definitely not a gimmick and most customers end up in neutral shoes. That said there’s still a massive range of shoes and the beauty of such fittings is making sure you get 100% the best option for how you run and how you’ll be using your shoes.

  33. My parents cycled over 600km from Seoul to Busan in five days over their spring break. Apparently there are dedicated bike lanes the whole way.

  34. I find even the glass ones made my tea taste gross. Maybe it’s just my type of tea.

  35. I brew my tea in a normal mug and then transfer it and that doesn’t affect the taste

  36. I solved the problem by getting ceramic mugs, and they’re lovely and big so I am very happy.

  37. I’d love a ceramic mug but it and my tea wouldn’t survive a cycle commute in my backpack unfortunately

  38. I used to think that but now I’m being training in running shoe fittings and gait analysis. Things I have learnt:

  39. I hope you said something to her, ‘matter how would you feel like if a client spoke to you like this at work’ or even ‘your behaviour is unacceptable’ may give them cause to pause and think or find a bit of empathy and at the very least it would make the server feel a lot better.

  40. Thanks! I think my wrist size fluctuates throughout the day/night, I'm constantly having to adjust the tightness. I always try to be able to stick a finger between the band and my skin. I'll look for other bands, I love an excuse to shop.

  41. Yes I had this problem for YEARS until I bought a nylon Apple Watch style band from Amazon and it’s changed my life

  42. The usual fix is (at least on iOS) enable location permissions for Connect to “always” and don’t force close it. That worked for me.

  43. Yeah I tried that but a restart as suggested below fixed it!

  44. When this happens, I usually do the Garmin equivalent to button mashing. Force sync from the app abd watch a bunch of times, start a workout that connects to GPS, shut down, close app, re start, re-open app… repeat until it eventually comes back not knowing exactly what the solution was. 🤣🤣🤣

  45. Thank you! For some reason my goldfish brain completely omitted a restart in the trouble shooting I’d tried and of course that’s what fixed it 🤣 Now I can see the lovely 35 degree Celsius temp 🙃

  46. My local pen company here in NZ carries all of these so I got teal in them all… market research right?

  47. Can I recommend RO marine? It is a gorgeous teal that dries with a slight gold shimmer 😍 Plus he’s a local (or at least somewhat for NZ)

  48. She's mixed with rottweiler and something else. Strong long genes though

  49. Okay I did a stalk and it is Billie! I I’ve how I recognised her on reddit 😅😂 (hi from Jayce’s mum)

  50. Socialisation is an ongoing thing. I got my rescue greyhound when he was 3 and had to teach him all about pet life: stairs, meeting people, all different dogs, all his training and obedience. I've had him for almost two years today and this morning a hot air balloon came down at our local dog park and he was so excited to explore it (granted we got super lucky with a dog whose first response is curiosity and not fear and it's a major reason why we foster failed) but encouraging calm curiosity and letting him take his time with anything and rewarding him for exploring (e.g. A motorbike parked on the footpath was initially scary and now he doesn't blink twice.

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