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  1. Socialisation is an ongoing thing. I got my rescue greyhound when he was 3 and had to teach him all about pet life: stairs, meeting people, all different dogs, all his training and obedience. I've had him for almost two years today and this morning a hot air balloon came down at our local dog park and he was so excited to explore it (granted we got super lucky with a dog whose first response is curiosity and not fear and it's a major reason why we foster failed) but encouraging calm curiosity and letting him take his time with anything and rewarding him for exploring (e.g. A motorbike parked on the footpath was initially scary and now he doesn't blink twice.

  2. I looked at the kibble ingredients and wasn't that impressed but we do buy our premade raw food from Costco as it's far cheaper than anywhere else. In Australia we get the leading raw brand from Costco $16.69 for 3kg so keep a look out if you're in new zealand/ elsewhere (it may be a different brand).

  3. Second everyone who are saying to learn about sleep startle. To put it this way, you'd jump if a human touched you and woke you up from a deep sleep, that's what she did.

  4. Hello watch twin! I've had sapphire fenxies since 2017 and haven't had any scratches. I've had a sapphire solar since April and haven't had any scratches on it. I don't do anything extreme but I am pretty clumsy (drop my phone once a day etc).

  5. Hello! It's nice to hear somebody else with the same watch - the cream gold is great, and I hardly see it posted.

  6. I use a TP02 (cool only) with Zwift and it works well. I do prop a paperback underneath one edge of it to get an upward angle and don’t use the oscillation function, but it definitely works and is nice for non Zwift use too.

  7. Yeah the dual or triple purpose is a major reason why I'm looking at it

  8. I love it for in my office. Not such a fan for trainer rides. It doesn’t blast the air like I prefer.

  9. Ha fellow Australian found! From the consensus I'll probably just get a new vornado (we've got an old one that has become the dog's). The bike is in my office so I need something that can do both wfh cooling and zwift, having a built in heater would have been an added bonus and would have mean I could free up more floor space.

  10. I invested in the crazy $$ wahoo fan but luckily it was a re-sell on fb marketplace for half the cost. Totally worth it

  11. It's probably a bit big for something that needs to be stored in a small space and be multifunctional (used while I'm sleeping and working too). The dyson would be perfect as then I could get rid of the heater too but sounds like it isn't strong enough

  12. Just thinking something that is best for a trainer is maybe not as conducive as a multifunctional fan but you could also look at lasko or box fans

  13. Yeah the vornado I've got works well but that's now the dog's fan so I could just get another vorndao but ideally wanted something with a remote/ super multifunctional.

  14. This is just your experience. I am Australian, been cycling and working and living my whole life. In 4 states. So, who’s right? (hint, neither).

  15. I've worked in three different buildings in another CBD and they've all had end of trip facilities. Two with free towels, they all had drying rooms, irons, hair dryers and straighteners.

  16. My "uh-uh" is a warning that whatever theyre thinking of doing is in the wrong direction. When they look back at me l, it's an instant redirection to something I want them to do. I use this a lot when I'm walking my dogs because they refused to walk beside me unless I have treats and constantly feeding them. They don't pull but just want to be line leader so it helps me direct them towards the right direction.

  17. Yeah I do it when my dog is off leash and wants to go a different way than we're going but I don't want to completely recall him. He kinda knows left and right (in French as we use the word right far too often in English) so usually an uh-uh plus the direction I want to go is enough to redirect.

  18. If you've already got a set up that works why not gift it to a single mum/ college student/ someone in need?

  19. Yeah I figured I could just regift it but I don't know anyone in real life who does any planning or journalling. All my sticker friends are online 🙈

  20. Do you have local Facebook groups or anything like that? Or places that help incoming refugees etc.

  21. Skin condition? We had a grey with similar. We removed all the grain from her diet in the end and it cleared up. We used a grain free kibble with a cooked grain free loaf and BARF. I'm not a vet but that's what worked for us.

  22. Please be careful with this as grain free has been linked with causing a heart condition (it's the ingredients that replace grains such as peas and sweet potato). At the moment it's at a casaul link but actual studies are pending. We feed a grain free kibble + barf as well but our kibble doesn't contain sweet potato or peas (there's a couple of other ingredients) and we figure with the balance of barf it should be okay. It's something to be aware of though and keep on top of!

  23. I had a hound on grain free because of her grain allergy. We did annual chest films and blood work. On a regular diet, she was hospitalised several times with colitis that turned into pancreatitis. On grain-free, she never had another bout. My vet is strongly research based and is affiliated with a vet school. He now says the DCM risk is very likely overstated. Nothing will generate controversy in a hound convo more than a discussion about food and diets.

  24. Thanks. As I said it's something that's emerging and only causally linked at the moment and if it's being fed as part of (and not the whole part) of the diet it's problem not something to be alarmed about. It is definitely something to be aware of in my books though so that you can ask your vet about it/ stay up to date as more research comes out and tweak your dog's diet if you feel the need.

  25. One hour in the morning (between 6.30-8.30am) and one hour in the evening (5-6pm approx).

  26. I'm kind of struggling with this idea. Isn't this just improving the success rate of your recall by not using it in situations where you think it wouldn't work? Isn't the point of training recall so that you can call your dog back if he has latched onto some stimulus?

  27. Yes but it's like expecting a new born baby to start walking straight away. Instead they go through months of tummy time, crawling, standing, assistance from those walker things etc. If you analogise that to a dog learning recall tummy time may be super basic on leash recall in a low distraction setting. Then when you've got that down pat you up the distraction a little bit, work on that, up it again and rinse and repeat.

  28. 5 year old rescued racing greyhound here (aka the dogs that 'don't' have recall). We started from day one just saying his name while he wasn't distracted on leash and rewarding him if he looked at us. Then we started doing it when he was more distracted (sniffing etc). Then we worked on a formal stay while on leash and recalling from that. I'd take him to a small fenced in playground and let him offleash, get him to stay walk away and recall him with really high value treats. It literally became like a game to him and he started breaking the stay to come back to me.

  29. Aqua jogging could be an option. I fractured my tibia and had to have surgery to pin the fracture in place but after my stitches came out I was allowed to start aqua jogging/ pool running immediately even though I was moving my knee (where the break was). You wear a belt with foam and can also use foam dumbbells if you want a bit of an arm workout (the foam floats so helps your buoyancy/ creates resistance).

  30. Wow aqua jogging sounds great! I’d have to check if that’s possible somewhere in my area.

  31. If you're happy to order from Australia houndtees do customs for tripaw hounds!

  32. We live up three flights of stairs so it was imperative our greyhound learnt them quickly. I see you already have carpeted stairs so we can skip that part.

  33. I budget $440 per month. That does 3x dinners per week (I cook two servings so I don't have to cook every night), and 5x lunches (normally the same meal) plus breakfasts, snacks and desserts. I'm veg/ vegan and limit myself to one 'fake meat' product per week as they're expensive and use beans, légumes, tofu etc the rest of the time. Most of the time my breakfast is overnight oats (cup of oats + yoghurt, soy milk, blueberries and chia seeds). This week for lunch I've got a veg ceasar salad with cos lettuce, cherry tomatoes, cucumbers, fake chicken, cooked quinoa and vegan cesear dressing. Dinners are tofu tacos (I buy whichever marinated flavour piques my fancy) (ingredients: mini tortillas, tofu, cos lettuce, grated carrot, cheese and sour cream), Sri Lankan lentil Dahl and devilled potatoes with rice and a minestrone soup with sourdough. Snacks are muffins from Costco (they're huge, I buy them, cut them in half and freeze them), mandarins, apples, sweet and salty popcorn and mini stroopwaffles. Dessert is mostly sweet cereals - I've got a soft spot for crunchy nut or special k forest berries (topped with kefir and served with soy milk).

  34. When I started training Desi, we started with "down". She got it immediately! However, any other time I have tried to work with her, I put a treat in my hand and she just goes down. She has no concept of getting awarded to do anything else...

  35. Hahaha yes we first taught Jayce shake and kiss so those are the two behaviours he'll do when we've got something he wants. Nowadays he's slightly more likely to sit for something high value and I think that's because we're so excited about the sit so we ask for it a lot 🤣

  36. Jayce is a track rescue. He was rescued in Jan 2021, came to use as a foster and then we foster failed. He was three when he was rescued, is almost five now.

  37. It's absolutely archaic that Vic has no spent convictions legislation, but they are working on it. It is the reason they had to forgive homosexual convictions as they were still showing up on criminal record searches decades later. Individuals still had to apply to have them expunged though 😒

  38. Quite a bit in my experience! Once you figure out how your dog learns, the sky is the limit. Here was Jayce and me on the weekend doing some work.

  39. The one thing I would add to this is to look up trigger stacking. Essentially if you keep triggering your dog (in this case trying to stop her licking) it'll take less and less to provoke a response or a more serious response from the dog and they may need a few hours, days or weeks or even months to completely reset.

  40. The Berry salad probably isn't vegan either (check for gelatin)

  41. Nah, no gelatin on the label, claims it's "plant-based" but I'm not sure if that means vegan

  42. The only non plant based thing that could be in them is gelatin so you should be good

  43. If you have the time, can you elaborate on the behavioural issues? I'm wondering how well re-homing ex racers actually works.

  44. We got our greyhound as a foster and he was such a beautiful dog we ended up foster failing and adopting him. He's got no reactivity and will happily mix and play with all kinds of dogs at the park. He can recall in any situation, heel on and off leash, sit, stay, down as well as tricks like spin, circle, shake, kiss, snoot, jump, orbit and probably a couple of things I'm forgetting.

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