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  1. If they simply asked them to testify, they'd come... this for Gym Jordan to look tough and nothing more.

  2. Putin is the Nazi Fascist attacking Ukraine.

  3. From TMZ: Bill Maher has a confession -- something he's kept under wraps for years -- he flies private, and if anyone expresses outrage they can suck it, because they'd do it too if they could.

  4. Simple Truth Plant-Based Salt & Pepper Turkey Style Deli Slices Box 5.5 oz

  5. I have a Mac PowerBook Pro and have no problems with Vivaldi over last 3 years. Look to your Mac and not Vivaldi.

  6. Did not realize that Putin had supporters left in the Pentagon...?

  7. Who is he to judge and who cares what he has to say - he was somewhat good at computer systems but has no degree in medicine or healthcare.

  8. Orange oil concentrate into the nest or diatenacious earth spread on their trails.. Also borax mixed with sugar water or soda.......... I know, I battled them all last year and finally won!!!

  9. No freedom loving here just more hating on those who need help - which includes active duty military families - GOP jerks!

  10. Frijoles, arroz , tomatillos, maíz y tortillas

  11. Teachers in Florida to be required to wear brown shirts, jack boots and pledge Heil DeSantis before class!!!

  12. Not enough oxygen in big sky country, I guess? Real knee jerk idiots.

  13. Put a blindfold over Lady Liberty? Figure it out, NYC was built on immigration and still needs to welcome immigrants from the world and other states!!!

  14. Sorry but just because he is rich does not mean I have to care about what he thinks about fake meat or plant-based foods. I care about and use the products because I like them... His opinion about the products is important to him but no one else.

  15. Who cares what a pedophile defender and traitor thinks?

  16. There is no cover up - there is just politically and profit oriented disinformation and lies that should not be on Reddit.

  17. Yes our safety from attacks on democracy by the super-right Justices is critical to health of America...

  18. No link to verify if this film is recent, in China, from 2020 or 2022, or meant to inform or inflame.

  19. There is no source or link for the film - it just connects to Reddit China community. That does not indicate who took it, when and where. If there is a way to find that, I like to see it.

  20. Not even close - Jobs and Apple invented plug and play and an interface that anyone could use within minute. When my office had an MDOS computer 3 people knew how to use it. When we got our first Mac 35 people know how to use it within a day, The iPOD, iPhone and Apple watch created new markets and realities. Musk bought Tesla and the rocket companies, he did not invent anything. Without government subsidies, Tesla would be gone. Musk is like Trump, he is selling himself and is so stuck on himself, he will spiral down as he destroys Twitter and Tesla with ego tantrums.

  21. Ghostbusters - the four women much better than first film. Cleopatra the Elizabeth Taylor version,

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