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  1. When your liver is damaged you don’t feel pain. Whoever told you your pain is liver related is full of shit. This doesn’t mean that your liver doesn’t have some sort of damage, but not knowing your history it’s hard to tell. Anyways you really drank a lot on that first session, so you’ll feel like shit for a while, but if you cut off the alcohol and focus on recovery you’ll be fine in a few days.

  2. I thought the pain was from your liver being inflamed and pressing against its surroundings so not technically the liver. That was just from a quick google sesh though I’m no expert.

  3. That could be the case, but I doubt your liver could be that enlarged even from a 3 day hard binge. I wouldn’t think about it, but again I don’t know about your history alcohol wise, don’t take my word as medical advice. If you’re not a heavy drinker normally stop thinking about it and get a week at least of no alcohol, good sleep and good nutrition. You’ll be ok man.

  4. Thank you again I really appreciate that, cheers 🧃 (apple juice)

  5. I just got a 2DS and the ergonomics are... not great. I wonder if I am holding it wrong, but I haven't found a comfortable position.

  6. If you try playing it while laying down it’s going to be uncomfortable no matter what. You have to let it rest on it’s back on your palms, the corners are sharp.

  7. Woah. Hello, me. Literally this is how I explain away my alcoholism to my parents and wife. It’s controlled but I definitely binge and it’s unhealthy but it’s literally the only time I feel happy.

  8. The actual mothman itself is such a small part of the overall Point Pleasant story that I’m surprised it’s the bit everybody always jumps on. You’re also looking at UFOs, alien abductions, mind control, men in black, premonitions of disaster….it’s such an odd story. So much to unpack. I believe something went on there which screwed with people’s heads a bit. As for what was behind it, no idea. As a pure cryptid, I’m not really a massive believer in the way that you can believe there might be a Yeti in the Himalayas or black panthers in the British countryside. Would you find a mothman creature hiding out in the back of some dilapidated buildings in the TNT area? I’d be more concerned about encountering crackheads.

  9. Sorry to raise you from the dead but what the fuck? I never heard about the UFOs and abductions that happened around mothman, interesting..

  10. Some people have to work a little harder to get out of their selfish bubble. For some folks it just doesn't come naturally, for whatever reason.

  11. I’m not good at it but I think it’s from autism. Any time somebody tells me a story or shows me a video/picture etc. I just don’t care.I smile nod and prod them, like you should, but I have never actually cared. It can be annoying I just wish I did care.

  12. Wow people in here are so weird to me. It's a dildo she knows will get her off. It's hard and expensive to find new sex toys that will be so good, particularly as she finds penetration not as good, so this is a really sacred fricking dildo to her.

  13. Regardless of the facts, he doesn’t have to be okay with it.

  14. For real, every time I heard that as a teenager my reaction was always “this is the best? Every day where I want to kill myself is the best it’s gonna get?”

  15. It’s just a precipitous drop down after high school

  16. Yeah losing 70+ lbs and going from man to woman really opened my eyes, I don’t have any advice but I’m sorry

  17. How has it affect you, specifically, in real life? Have you been hurt, jailed, lost your job?

  18. The fact that they said it’s based on ‘feelings’ has me making presumptions of their thoughts.

  19. How do you like the dyna over the solo? I have a solo 2 and was thinking of the dyna for quicker and stronger delivery

  20. Exactly. No one here seems to acknowledge that these parents are actively trying to prevent damage, explain the situation, and don't claim that they aren't on the hook if damage occurs. What exactly does pitchfork reddit expect them to do? Remove all objects away from their kid? Lock him up 24/7?

  21. Yes, and hover over them 24/7 so they never have a millisecond to do anything or you’re a garbage parent /s

  22. Everybody and their grandma seems to have a haunted house. why can’t I see just one damn cup fly off a table or a single shadow bastard peeking around a corner. Just once, I have faith but I want proof!

  23. ..that’s not real right? That’s a Jurassic sized bug

  24. When I went to Mexico, I first saw one of these flying by the window and thought it was a good-sized parrot. After that saw lots more up close. I have a pic somewhere of one next to my husband's foot and it's freakishly huge in comparison

  25. That’s crazy! I’d invite one in and have it pay rent, call him Greg

  26. My ex friend told me he watched all the videos on there and found them “funny”

  27. Yeah, and a whole lot of new science would stem from definitive evidence of non human intelligence operating on Earth.

  28. Yes this is definitely true. Having raised one kid who anyone would say is basically a saint (daycare said she can come on holidays for free she’s so good). My younger son has adhd and oppositional disorder. Same parents same upbringing, keeping him on the rails is the hardest thing I have ever done. The oppositional behavior is super difficult as well, essentially constantly escalating over the smallest things. Backing him down is like three dimensional chess. So if you see a kid behaving badly look to the parents, do they look like their heads are about to explode? They probably have a difficult child.

  29. Yeah some days I totally understand the parents that don’t even try to stop their kids from misbehaving. I just want to give up sometimes.

  30. He’s not wrong, though. What is equality? Will men and women ever be “equal” in the world? Even if we push for “equality” in the US, most other countries won’t give a flying fuck about progress in other (more socially progressive) countries. Maybe in 1,000 years we might see a global change, but definitely not in our lifetime.

  31. Damn I need one of those to show off my suicidal tendencies

  32. Hell naw, I’ll deal with stuff moving around going missing for a while, even sounds.

  33. The engineering and precision that must go into that is insane. I’ve always loved them but they’re not incredibly practical these days

  34. I’m really glad I preordered one, turbine-like RPM is sweet

  35. I had to replace my full auto DZ and pistol, the pistol was defective second time as well. The quick load clips don’t work for me half the time.

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