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  1. I think he accidentally admitted he was betting on Lindor and Diaz 🤐

  2. No, she tried to jump without having done so in years

  3. So what happens in these situations? Does she just walk outta there without ever facing charges?

  4. They say that a Master Sifo-Dyas placed the order for a clone army at the request of the Senate, almost ten years ago.

  5. Huge screens and loud electronic music…this is what baseball is all about! Am I right?

  6. That’s not a political map so it’s possible there are

  7. Ahhh! I didn’t realize European robins looked so different. 🙃

  8. Yes, there’s a ton of reasons this guy is “stupid”, but people need to realize there’s some truth to this because it’s a disservice to young women to pretend there isn’t.

  9. actually i think thats out of proportion. just searched and sb county has 52000km2 while connecticut has 14000km2 so it wouldn’t even fit 4 times

  10. Connedicut: 5,543 mi² San Bernardino County: 20,105 mi²

  11. I have this exact same set and frame. Maybe I know your neighbor…?

  12. It's ok if you don't consider 6ft guys tall, but don't expect others to do so as well.

  13. A guy who is 7’ 7’’ would consider a guy who is 7 foot to also be extremely tall. It’s not about perspective, it’s that once you’re over 6’ 4’’ you stand out. Counters, sinks, clothes, doorways, showers, seats, etc are not really designed for you. Anyone over 6’ 8’’, outside of basketball players, would almost certainly like to be shorter.

  14. Baseball is great but I think Lewis and Clark is his best. Maybe because it’s not 8+ hours long…

  15. The real question: the OG in Stamford or franchise version in another town?

  16. Downvote me all you want, it’s coming. Maybe not this decade, or the next…but they didn’t even wear helmets at one point.

  17. It took them a long time force visors. Would require multiple massive skate to face injuries to make this happen though

  18. It would require the player’s union deciding safety comes before peer pressure, marketing, and machoism

  19. Do they call them hippos because they’re famous for being dangerous? First time on sub, just curious?

  20. The federal highway act of 1956 provided funds which allowed Minnesota to run interstate 94 right through the primarily black Rondo neighborhood between St. Paul and Minneapolis.

  21. Yeah and Greenwich, CT along with much of the whitest, wealthiest suburbs near NYC had I-95 run right through them.

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