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  1. If his moves are this transparent, and they are at this point, why can’t we rip his ass out of office? Who the fuck supports this shit? Anyone with kids should be beyond pissed! Any women, any minority or anyone who feels their future being stripped away.. how the fuck did we get in this timeline? I’m sorry, this is pure emotion and I don’t even have kids.

  2. He's not interested. It's an election year tactic just like police reform was an election year tactic in 2020. McConnell's good faith negotiations are on par with Putin's.

  3. That article gives no evidence that this will actually lower drug prices and the only examples it gives are when things will drastically be more expensive. I wish that there was something that better laid out the actual benefits.

  4. I'm very confused by the article. I'm hoping someone with more information about it will comment.

  5. He did similar things to the environment too.

  6. Hey voters in Oklahoma, Pruitt works for Pruitt, not you. This senate seat is important. Vote.

  7. I'd bet money she can't walk and chew gum at the same time, or name the 3 branches of government, or pass a citizenship test. What a total moron.

  8. You don't seem to understand: We have known what to do for some time. I, in particular, have (over the years) been told I don't know what I am talking about. If, we start to do some things NOW we can mitigate SOME aspects of the changes that are coming. As this system is NON-LINEAR the results will be mixed. Get off your fucking dead asses and force your fucking representative to support us or not the choice is up to you . . .

  9. Many of us have been working and doing something. Most of us do not blame physicists or climate scientists otherwise. Some of us are political about it and vote that way.

  10. This is something that my old physics prof talked about years and years ago. Not so much the consequences, but he was irate at the phrase 'global warming' because of its inaccuracies. Rather, he said that it was a non-linear chaotic system (IIRC) where as you increase the amount of energy in the systems, the swings will become increasingly larger and more chaotic.

  11. Gosh, I remember reading about it in the 80s as it relates to astrophysics. Astronomy was a serious hobby for a long time. Physics isn't my discipline but I've always been curious about it even though the math eludes me. It is fascinating even if I don't totally understand it all. Richard Feynman helped with understanding some of the concepts through his books and lectures.

  12. "Plot" to unseat. Not "plan" or "move" or "organize" or "lobby" or any other positive or neutral word. Piss off, Newsweek.

  13. I agree. Horrible headline. If it was allowed I'd edit it.

  14. Yes, I agree, and my ire was not intended for you at all.

  15. Thanks, I didn't think it was and I am glad you pointed it out.

  16. Here’s why: even though over 80% of Americans want background checks and bans on assault rifles, even majorities of Republicans, the entire minority against these things are nutjob insurrectionist gun humpers firmly on the right. And scumbags like Cruz will absolutely let children die to keep the votes of these psychopaths. And if you’re a Republican and you say things like “Hey I’m not a nutjob anti-American insurrectionist and i don’t like the extremism in my party”, but you still vote for people like Cruz, fuck you most of all.

  17. But oh bloody hell, they sure want to control my uterus to make more children fodder for target practice.

  18. The politicians won’t be anti-guns if they lose A LOT of votes from the citizens. If you want to see a change in laws. The people need to change their mind first, then the politicians will follow. Too many people in america want the freedom to own and use firearms.

  19. No one is suggesting banning guns, but sensible regulations. In 2019 a poll conducted revealed that 89% of voters support expanded background checks, 76% back red-flag laws.

  20. Can we just drop a giant block of ice into the oceans? That will take care of the problem right? Right….

  21. I think Antarctica is trying hard.

  22. 425M , wow. Bezos just keeps on doing this shit right under peoples noses. Taxes stay low. Nobody seems to care. This article may not make much traction yet it's something more people should truly care about.

  23. Agreed as the money both in funding for Amazon enterprises in addition to the lost money from taxation the corporation pays adds up very quickly, year over year over year.

  24. It would be nice if our tax dollars were used to improve our circumstances, not a global corporation.

  25. I watched the netflix thing about this over the weekend and as someone from outside the USA I honestly had no comprehension of just how crazy it actually got. The fact Trump hasn't faced charges when he basically told people the election was stolen and they should go to the capitol is astonishing.

  26. That sort of discrimination unfortunately has a very long, upsetting and deadly history against blacks and other minorities in this nation.

  27. If they know a crime was committed, why hold hearings? Why don't they file a case in court?

  28. The committee is a bipartisan investigatory body. They do not have the authority to indict or hold a trial. That is the pervue of the DOJ. It remains to be seen if their findings are utilized by the DOJ resulting in indictment and trial.

  29. We should start a program for this and make sure everyone has stickers so that they can cover this shit when they see it.

  30. I'd buy them and perhaps the some of proceeds can go towards the ACLU or other worthy organization.

  31. I wish words could convey how upset and sorry it makes me, but words are completely inadequate. I have to swallow hard not to cry over and over again hearing these accounts and I'm usually unsuccessful.

  32. I think that is what Dept. of Interior led by Haaland is trying to accomplish. Before that can be done, it must be quantified which hasn't been done in detail until now with this investigation, and the one in Canada. These investigations are uncovering the extent of the heinous treatment which, fingers crossed, will lead to meaningful changes that includes restoration.

  33. How would less single use plastics add higher costs onto working class families? Am I wrong that this bill would be the "easier" targets of reusable utensils, straws, styrofoam containers, etc? Do they mean business owners would need to charge more for reusable/compostable/recycleable utensils, etc?

  34. I haven't seen the bill referred to in this article. Nor have I seen the counter argument against it and the reasoning. All that being said I'd bet it is a 98% probability it is total BS. The fact they are trying to disguise themselves is a huge tell along with fear mongering without supportive documentation.

  35. My question is, how did they obtain the addresses of Democrat voters?

  36. It's stunning. I feel extremely fortunate to live in this beautiful state.

  37. I'm American and other 'muricans not only would downvote but threaten me for being a 'commie', a liberal snowflake and worse, seriously. I'm envious of Europeans.

  38. Holy fuck you have over 2 million karma. You need to do something with your fucking life that is even the least bit productive

  39. How kind of you! I hope you can give me insights into my life that you obviously know more about than I do.

  40. No. The story is about the cash grab by bad actors and corporations using tax money to make billions for themselves with little to no investment on their part.

  41. YAY!! I was worried that another term of Liberals would spell environmental catastrophe. I just saw a headline that Morrison conceded. YAY!

  42. Even after 4 years of him, it’s still shocking at how thin skinned he is and always such a petulant child.

  43. People have forecasted his demise for a host of reasons. I know we may never see a perp walk but because of his never ending whining, pettiness and revenge, just maybe he will throw himself into a political abyss and daily news cycles for good. I know it isn't much, but I have to hold onto something.

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