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  1. Ffmpeg can convert practically anything to anything else, buy if you are doing audio-only encodes, there are more convenient tools. When you say "remux/encodes" are you talking about videos or audio-only files?

  2. In the home theatre space AC3 is the most compatible and what I encode to all the time. Additionally once you are in a format's transparent bit-rate or higher version loss is mainly theoretical.

  3. I'm pretty certain they didn't lie under oath. They are politicians and the best dodge is just describing the situation. They never said they wouldn't change the situation just that it would be a big deal.

  4. I am thinking it is about living as plastic. You know. Maybe putting clothes on, brushing your hair. Maybe some kissing and hanky-panky. But really the protagonist will feel like they are under external control and without agency in their lives. Even if they have success and are a star they've lost control. You know what I mean.

  5. As someone who doesn't necessarily like that movie, but thinks it has some interesting things going for it, I thought they were very even handed. You would not have to look very hard to find other movie podcasts who would jump at the chance to tear that movie apart piece by piece. And I don't think that's what that episode did. I think Jamelle's take on it(as boring as it may sound) was dead on. It's more satirical than it's biggest detractors say, but also more cloying and tonedeaf than it's biggest supporters would say. It's a lot of good and bad.

  6. Exactly I think OC is misjudging what actually occurred in the episode. What is unusual about the episode is how much time they spend on really trying to figure out whether Forrest Gump is good or not which doesn't happen that often, maybe surprisingly, on this podcast.

  7. Wait so it can't be Ed then

  8. he could interview himself or have someone guest host or host it himself but invite a guest to talk with. In all these cases the CoC2 winner would appear.

  9. Other than my dislike of how the live task played in the outcome, this may be the best episode in demonstrating everything I like about TM.

  10. The Lincoln lawyer is fine. Just... Fine. If it was the worst movie you paid for you would be doing well

  11. Watched it on a plane, had a good time.

  12. I don't have any specific advice, but you may have more success investigating the specific genres. Plena, bomba, salsa, ragaeton, rap, etc.

  13. Odd thing about the 3D is that they film the Kansas scenes in academy ratio black and white, but also 3D. Missed a perfect opportunity to replicate the original’s transition to color but with 3D, which I have to imagine was the studio not wanting ppl to think they bought 3D tickets for a 2D screening.

  14. Which is it. I'm getting conflicting information here.

  15. The film starts in 2D, doesn’t become 3D till they get to Oz.

  16. Thanks, I could only watch a 2D version.

  17. Are you a regular baker? How hard/time consuming do you think this is?

  18. I cook everyday but the only thing I’ve baked before are box mix brownies and a milk bread. This is the 3rd and I’m really pleased with how they turned out. I do read a lot, I nerd out on cooking/baking science so I know some of the basics just theoretically if that makes any difference!

  19. Great extensive response, it seems I've done a bit more baking than you. Though less cooking, leftovers for the win. ;-p

  20. If you care about energy use for your wallet, the environment, and cooling, you can't do better than a current gen low watt Intel. Though refurbishing equipment you already have may be net better environmentally. I can't comment on passthrough.

  21. What's funny about this is that BC is a two hour podcast for me. My app speeds it up.

  22. I knew a guy who produced/edited a podcast whose episodes were a decently paced 50-60 minutes (sometimes 70). He let me listen to the raw sessions once before working on the finished edit and it was basically what a finished episode of Blank Check sounds like exactly, down to the 2-3hr record length. Not AS much joie de vivre, of course, but the general comparison is sound

  23. It might be a fun project for a student producer. Take a BC ep and get it under an hour and have it still feel like a BC ep. The crew already do some editing, right?

  24. There are two comments here that suggest ending the federal reserve and whether they mean to or not they sound very libertarian/cyber coin adjacent.

  25. This is the Majority Report, rtfa....

  26. You mean that show where people summarize the key info of a story and add commentary to explain and contextualize it?

  27. The main segment of the show for a decade has been hour long interviews with authors/academics/reporters that frequently add more context than the source material.

  28. If there's one complaint I have about the podcast and perhaps Blankies is that it/they don't cover or discuss older movies that much.

  29. Not to make anyone here feel old, but the Raimi series started with a film that is from forty-one years ago.

  30. Ian Dury and The Blockheads – Hit Me With Your Rhythm Stick:

  31. S'why I love the expanse. Humans becoming warp capable in 2660. That's waaaay more believable.

  32. Humans don't become warp capable in the expanse.

  33. Why? Because of Alex's Salvation Army joke?

  34. I was waiting to play it by ear. I am week of watcher and would make the choice based on my options that week. I was entirely planning to go to a probably empty theater, I may still do that, but now I know D+ is an option.

  35. He wrote on something else recently and when his name came up in the credits my wife thought it was weird that there was someone else with that name, because that’s more logical than “the NBA’s leading scorer is a working TV writer at 60”

  36. Outside of activities surrounding Basketball, his main activity post retirement has been as a writer. It may even be the case including Basketball.

  37. I guarantee if you asked democrats who is responsible for blm riots, they would blame it on republicans... haters gonna hate and partisans gonna partisan.

  38. Um no. First we would dispute the premise as the majority of marches after Floyd's murder were peaceful. Then we could go to a media critique and say that the extensive peaceful protests don't sell papers or clicks. After that if forced to discuss the limited instances where property damage did occur-- we would maybe say something along the lines of "language of the unheard" or that viral clip of a youngish black woman paraphrasing, "we don't own any of this."

  39. Man is murdered by police after a decade+ of increasing awareness of police killing people for no good reason. (Plus covid lockdowns) People go out and protest often against the very Democratic party leadership you say should take responsibility. Some of those thousands? of events, again not organized by the Democratic party, lead to property damage and death.

  40. It really was indicative of how far ST has fallen when they name checked him in a episode.

  41. It's not great on a visceral level ("ugh, I gotta think about him now? I was having such a nice time") but at least the guy praising him is the kinda guy whose praise is actually damnation.

  42. The majority of school district funding (including that of UCISD) comes from the state of Texas and is funded entirely differently than municipal functions, i.e. not from the city general fund. The police department is almost exactly 40% of the general fund - roughly 4 million out of a total general fund budget of 10 million. It's legitimately cited in the tweets.

  43. First, if you think that comment can even partially be construed to be defending the police, you should up your reading comprehension. Second, some people live in areas where everything is under the mayor and the city's budget. Other times it is not. So when the governmental responsibilities are spread out saying that something is a huge percentage of a smaller denominator isn't that interesting. So, saying 40% of the budget is cops you aren't really telling a full story.



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