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  1. The things giving power the druids are not in beta. They mentioned that in latest report.

  2. Unfortunately, since you can buy the game from another region that potentially would be cheaper and then play it in your residence, they have more or less the same price across all regions. So sorry to say this but it impacts more the weaker economies and blizzard simply doesn't care.

  3. Players eventually buy it, market is so hype. It is up to market not how bad currency you have. See world of warcraft they have local prices for a few garbage currencies because they have to support demand...

  4. Feet is like she is wearing slippers. No male ver? Will look weird on other races. /unsub

  5. It is a soft reset. You are blocked from the content unless you start from the scratch. So the only option is to reset, or don't play new content.

  6. That is season content, have you ever played d3?

  7. Yup, I played since start up to season 1. The reset made me lose my interest in the game. This is why I quit.

  8. It is called rebirth not reset and you get everything transferred to non season including exp and non season theme items. Seems like d4 is not for you.

  9. Very popular in the USA in areas where deer are common and cause many accidents. I’m from Wisconsin and it’s not a question of if but when you’ll hit a deer.

  10. Makes sense to me, pretty much a kill when you hit anything with that car.

  11. Is this legal? I don't think so...

  12. What a donkey show, ppl giving all their data to them and what is this lol

  13. You get bonus when someone else is hanging around already. It will be crowded...

  14. After barb drama last week need a break with minions

  15. I parked there until someone else summon it for me. Easy.

  16. In which diablo game has playable pvp?

  17. That will be a slow death for sure

  18. I unsub wow meanwhile, selling all my stuff to convert them to bnet balance

  19. That is explained in lore already, are you .. ?

  20. Oh no! It's another wow killer! This one's made by blizzard so blizzard is screwed this time!

  21. They sure did, no king rules forever. I left this sub a couple of days ago too but somehow still popping up posts for me.

  22. You can always ignore it without shitting on anyone else's fun.

  23. How come, anyway.... I wish I care

  24. D3 is fun, d4 is a wheelchair when you put everything in a tree. You need to scroll up and down then try to pick up some other skill. You spend gold for changes... * Steve Jobs saying yuck here.

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