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  1. Classic male dilemma. Change your name and skip town.

  2. It’s so you won’t be tempted to get plastic surgery and look as good as them. A nicely wrapped “I got mine fuck yours”

  3. I thought we hated bugmen here?

  4. Wow, this sounds absolutely heckin’ poggers. Super excited to see what epic foreign burns Elon’s special algorithm will show me!

  5. I once lent a woman a full color copy of House of Leaves. She insisted she would buy me a new copy (spilled shit on it or something) and never did!

  6. Used to be a liberal then a homeless guy spit on me on my walk to work and have pivoted to fascism.

  7. I had played locket on repeat last year. Such a good band

  8. Too much of it is sex related.

  9. what kind of person would pay for a $500/mo Tinder subscription? what even is the use case?

  10. Codemonkeys with no free time for hobbies or socialization

  11. Bob Dylan Bob Dylan Bob Dylan

  12. I just want to know what you call that weird body type he has

  13. At this point I’ll take any unique post that isn’t asking for dating advice. Even if it is about a tired meme.

  14. It feels like dating posts in general are all over the place. Not a problem on its own, but a lot of them are just the same thread. Come on people, just search previous threads before posting a new one asking the same questions.

  15. There was homoeroticism in the fucking Iliad man dudes have been gay for all of history.

  16. Just switch to zyns. Keep the cigs as a treat

  17. Yeah but for me it’s the Smiths

  18. I like the air fryer. It heats up quicker than my oven and gives more of a crisp. Good for chicken breasts and stuff.

  19. Going from sidehoe to trauma drump and gettin tossed when the ex comes back anyway. Rebound life

  20. Not listening to all of that because Reddit drama is stupid, but has anyone ever told you that you sound a bit like Kristen Schaal?

  21. It plays the numbers game. Same reason why every woman mentions their love of Taylor Swift or signals that they’re a nerd because they love Marvel movies. It’s so common and bland it can appeal to a huge demographic. That’s what I tell myself anyway, it’s very possible that most people are just that boring.

  22. Those stone temple pilots are elegant bachelors…

  23. No because it ruins the mystique of when you see a beautiful woman on the arm of a 5’6 pudgy computer science student. Some mysteries are best left unsolved.

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