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  1. I am not 100% sure what causes this bug, I know it's a script/toggle thing.

  2. If you have a save from before you first tried to open the panel, you can use that too.

  3. Morehead's fubar was the first one I learned, so it has a soft spot for me

  4. Have you figured out how to avoid those insane stacks of greater demons and soul grinders popping up really early?

  5. Tbh no, I just lose half my army and cry. A tip is to just shoot and run.

  6. I 100% agree. Only problem is you have to really know how to use him or the campaign will suck. The key for me was Chameleon Skinks. I could not for the life of me beat the doomstacks that kept spawning and raiding my territory from the vision quests until I recruited 5 or 6 Chameleon Skinks. After that I was pretty much indestructible. Didn't matter if it was 6 soulgrinders and the rest minotaurs those skinks win every time. Just have to buff them up, group them, and turn on skirmish. Once I figured out that little trick I never lost a fight again and was filthy rich because of all the doomstacks.

  7. A good 2/3 of my army are blessed chameleon skinks, I just fucking hate those monster raid battles.

  8. This raises a few questions. How often do you check for new Vaush rule34 OP? How many were there before?

  9. There was just one originally, I routinely check for updates, it was Vaush X Destiny

  10. where does it resolve to in the next few measures? Might help clear some things up

  11. okay well like, when does it change to another chord? at this point it’s not really necessarily gonna help you I’m just curious ahaha

  12. Are you sure you don't have a mod modifying the main quest, like At Your Own Pace or something like that? LOTD should have nothing to do with it.

  13. Oh thank you, I had it installed from a previous play through and forgot.

  14. I'm sorry "Re-education" I'm put of the loop what does that mean.

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