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  1. I really really like the interludes, not so sure why it seems to already be a point of contention 😬

  2. if Bob himself endorses the script, then honestly i don’t know why everyone has such an issue. I can’t wait to watch

  3. She is so perfect! She should’ve had her own clueless spin-off

  4. she stars in a clueless tv series that came out not long after the film, but it doesn't have silverstone as cher (it's still great)

  5. easy 10 for me in her prime, and she’s still gorgeous, but her more recent antics have kinda dampened how i see her

  6. Her hair and makeup in the last couple seasons was unbelievably gorgeous

  7. I find myself skipping it as well but I do like a select few songs off of it. He just didn't find his solo voice until the next LP

  8. I really don’t know which way of thinking to believe; is it a case of it being more accepted generally thus we see more of it or it’s became a full blown fad? Regardless I think people care far too much about what others do with their bodies/how they identify

  9. That was my favorite Doors song for AGES and its still my most played

  10. Gilmour is completely indistinguishable from anyone else

  11. The Stones have some original members still.

  12. I have an original I was at that show, I had to order it after the show, the shirt I bought at the show was different and stolen during the show. I was recently offered 200 USD but wouldn’t part with it if the offer was 800 USD. Also just so you know there are nearly perfect replicas of that shirt out there and I have one of those too. You can’t see the difference offhand but the replica is a Hanes tee and slightly thinner material

  13. There's a few of these for sale online and from what I've seen typically go for 300-800 bucks so If I were looking to appraise I'd put it somewhere around that, but it also depends on the condition

  14. Is he holding his beverage in one hand or two?… and by the way which beverage is it? Is this one of those “black and white” photos I’ve heard so much about or was this photo taken long ago before humans could even conceive the color spectrum of visible light? Is that a trailer in the background? If so, what do you think is in the trailer? Do you think there are people in there or like… just music stuff?

  15. “Your mother sucks cocks in hell Karras.”

  16. That’s one of my favorite lines in the film (of which there are so many); so so demented given who it’s being said to

  17. The popular opinion seems to be he used to be a true blues rock n roll force before he sold out in the mid 70s, but I think he has some great albums throughout his whole career (though he clearly peaked very early) (maybe even with Faces)

  18. One thing that gets overlooked with his lyrics (and they are very, very good) is the shift they undergo post-Altamont.

  19. I was just thinking about this while listening to Exile earlier. There is such a distinct pre and post-Altamont sound

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