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  1. I have the 5 day upper/lower month 53. Looking for the 3 day split as well.

  2. I have been doing BBB for nearly 2 years. I enjoy his programing in that it fluctuates monthly and it offers alternatives for home/gym. I have hit huge strength goals (DL PR of 2x my body weight) and I get SO many compliments on my physique. I was also doing his original program, Strong Curves, before that as well. I really like the full body 3x a week and glute days. I usually will do a spin class, yoga or go rock climbing on the glute days. I haven't done any of Carroll's programs or done any research on them so I can't speak on how they compare or if one is better. I did briefly try Stephanie Buttermores programming for women and I wasn't a fan. Keep in mind that alot of those women have 1-1 coaching with him for technique and nutrition as well, which can play a big part. Also a lot of those women have been lifting for years. It's not something that happens after 1-2 months unless you have great luck with newb gains.

  3. I love to cook and love a partner who can cook, and even more so one that enjoys cooking together! I made seared salmon with a mango avocado salsa for my first cooking together/overnight date and it was VERY well received ( ans they don't usually like avocado). I don't serve it with a starch, but you could serve it with a other veggie, although I'd recommend avoiding asparagus if it's a sleepover. Good luck!

  4. Can someone please reshare? Links have expired. Thanks!

  5. New to all of this so I appreciate any feedback/critiques! Thank you!

  6. I’m prone to getting a cameltoe and I use a barbel pad called “iron bull strength” you can get it on Amazon for $16. I’ve been using it for over a year and never had an issue. I also typically don’t wear leggings with a front seam so wearing seamless leggings might be a good idea.

  7. I've used this same pad for almost 4 years now and it's held up very well with my 3x or more a week lifting.

  8. Also looking for 36 - I have all the others to share. 😊

  9. Hip thrusts are the best thing to work your glutes and Nordic ham curls will help with your hammies. Check out Bret Contreras for both. Bret also talks about glute imbalance. The 2/1 approach would likely help with any imbalance. I have a weaker left glute from weak left side hip/spine imbalance due to scoliosis. So all single leg glute exercises (or exercises isolating that glute) I do 2x on the left to 1x on the right to help with the imbalance.

  10. Just had this discussion last night. If your form is good, than go raw (no belt). If you need help engaging your core and working on your breath, to avoid straining your back, wear a belt. But typically belts are reserved for much heavier lifting.

  11. Pretty much. You can work on going as slow as you can with negatives, it works the same muscles. You'll get there!

  12. This. Also, when I get to the bottom, I do as much of a pull up as I can do and I've found this is helping.

  13. After 6 months off/on of Bootyful Beginnings I'm able to do an unassisted pull up and multiple strict push-ups, and my husband commented that I was showing definition in back back and shoulders, in addition to my arms. All that to say, I think the program does a good job incorporating arms if you keep at it and push yourself.

  14. First off, great job mama and congratulations on your baby!

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