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  1. Thanks! I thought I'd like it too since I love turtlenecks, but realized all the extra folded fabric at my neck felt a bit too heavy for me.

  2. In 2011 I lived in one of the fashion capitals of Asia and these turtle neck things were all the rage.

  3. But sales tax is applied to service charges, but not tips.

  4. That service charge is a tip. Nothing about tax matters here.

  5. It does if I have to pay extra in tax because of how I'm tipping. Also, a tip is voluntary.

  6. This fee is a mandatory tip. You are completely missing the point of this entire post.

  7. It went too far. Guys like that need to be able to gauge when to stop, lest they face murder charges.

  8. That's the most delusional take I've seen on Reddit this year. Jesus christ, the guy defended himself and made sure the perceived attacker can't harm him any more. Play stupid games, get beat to death on the sidewalk

  9. The attacker was out very early on. The dude kept hitting him far too long to have any defense in court.

  10. Look at your org chart and see who is directly above you, above them, above them… do you want that?

  11. That any good? I've been paying way too much for shit I could do for free on paper.

  12. I've been using taxact and they are just a slightly cheaper version of turbotax with the same crap. I'll give this a try this year first, thanks!

  13. SOQ jobs have far fewer applicants. But your strategy is wrong. Load the duty statement and the “desirable qualifications”. Have those next to the SOQ. Answer the SOQ questions and be sure to also address the duty and desirable qualifications in your answers.

  14. I’ve got that part down, but thank you for writing it out. Good example…much appreciated.

  15. Just don’t spend too much on the SOQ. The quality of your writing comes second to content.

  16. I have a 2011 Volvo XC60 T6. Heated front and rear leather seats, moon roof, Bluetooth, navigation, push start, blind spot monitoring, back up camera, and it takes off quite fast.

  17. You’d have to compare that high end Volvo to another high end car, not a workhorse.

  18. In college I used to aim for C's because I was well aware it didn't matter and gave me more free time to actually learn to program (and play an absolute fuck ton of counter strike)

  19. Those Cs would make it harder to get into grad school. That’s a reasonable counter to your statement. And it’s not a scam, it’s just not the best scenario for many.

  20. I mean ya but a lot of people know that they don't want to go to grad school

  21. While that is true, getting poor grades limits one’s options.

  22. Tree trimmers bring mulch, concrete guys bring rocks, etc.

  23. Better than laying people off, and it’s incredibly refreshing to see the top leaders taking a bigger hit than the workers.

  24. True but the executive/silver spoon class have siphoned much more than 25% of the gains in wealth that the increased productivity earned.

  25. Bear in mind it's a million times easier when they're conscious. If they're out cold they're all floppy limbs and weigh a thousand pounds.

  26. With this method there is little difference. Source: experience.

  27. We have an entire team dedicated to internal applicants. Speak to your manager, look at the org chart and find that unit, contact them.

  28. Agreed, at the state there is very little carrot or stick. We have people who do the bare minimum, never volunteer, are incompetent so they don’t get assigned special projects but they are punctual so it’s all good. Management can’t do anything about them.

  29. I’ve only been at the state for about 9 months and what you describe was typical at all of my private sector employers before this.

  30. Its says “DO NOT include any confidential information to your application or supporting documents (ie. ssn, birthdate, marital status)

  31. camera man is a dickhead, laughing and giggling they knew it was shallow, and that guy could have gotten paralyzed for life from it

  32. Agreed. You laugh when your friend has a minor issue, or when they are fucked like this.

  33. HOA is kind of required for condos and such... What do you do about common space?

  34. A vast majority of HOAs cover single family homes. Much of that includes “management” fees with no common spaces that cost money. Many HOAs are just there but they serve no useful purpose.

  35. Even those HOAs suck. The kind of people who want HOAs are invariably infected with protofascist brainworms.

  36. In house hunting in Folsom (near sac) now and there are tons of HOAs. It sucks that I have to make that decision but I’d always opt out if given the option.

  37. but, did i make anything if the costs of similar homes have risen the same amount?

  38. My wife and I are in a similar boat. Our local street is great but we are close enough to a large road that ghetto trash use as a drag strip and a place to do donuts. We also live in a medium crime area with gang activity so we have to deal with helicopters flying around looking for criminals on a weekly basis. Annoying.

  39. I just had my walls insulated for energy savings and now realize how much quieter the house is...

  40. I toured a model home that had one room uninsulated to show the vast difference in sound between a fully insulated room and a fully uninsulated room.

  41. You’d still have to meet the teaching MQs of an EPC. If you do, it’s a much more reasonable path than trying to go straight to an EA. You won’t get an EA from outside the department, it’s too sought after of a position.

  42. I taught for a decade, have my MA, teaching license, and 4 years of 1/2 admin in my teaching career. I meet the MQs for EPC. I’m trying to see if my experience as an SSM2 and my prior teaching experience can get me directly into EA1 without having to lateral into EPC.

  43. Yellow jackets are the spawn of Satan. They only come in two moods. Pissed off and extremely pissed off.

  44. I hate them too. Last year I got stung on the shoulder and it fucking hurt. A few days later I found a bunch of them swarming outside while a huge Praying Mantis was eating one of them alive. Then she snatched another one and kept eating.

  45. That is so cool that you got to see the mantis eating them! Skunks are actually also Yellowjacket predators! Last summer I had a big nest in one of my garden beds. I knew I had a skunk living under my garden shed, so I tossed some cat food around the hole to entice the little guy to investigate the nest. Only took two nights of putting out the cat food and the skunk had the whole damn nest ripped out of the ground with all the larvae picked out. Chemical free pest control!

  46. Skunks are awesome. It saved you from a far worse problem.

  47. It blows my mind that Republicans are not deeply insulted at how stupid she thinks Repubicans are to buy her shit.

  48. She doesn’t think republicans are so stupid. She herself is so stupid and thinks her supporters are smart, just as she views herself.

  49. This is why we have Pennies. Keep a stash in your car and light up these asshats with tacky rims every time they drive so disrespectfully.

  50. Rottweilers play rough too. As a kid growing on on rural land, we had 5. They would play very rough, even with us. They are big and strong and they love to bop heads.

  51. Just let them play with goats. They'll get all the head bops they could ever want.

  52. We had sheep and she sheep definitely bopped.

  53. You could ask your supervisor if you can sign up for some classes through CalCareers. They have lots of general skills classes like writing, analytical work, Excel, and all kinds of other topics.

  54. The CEO of CalPERS doesn’t have a degree and faked one, along with other shady shit, to land a job her friends hooked her up with.

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