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  1. Hope this guy will become a decent player for our main team in 1-2 years. When his transfer happened, I was pretty impressed that he's been regularly playing in Polish Extraclassa at 15-16.

  2. Haha, so there is a real possibility to see Cremonese competing for the next Supercoppa

  3. Brescianini is loaned to Cosenza, isn't he? Also missed Bakayoko

  4. As a polish language learner I can recommend the RealPolish podcast. The host don't speak fast, has a very clear pronunciation and makes episodes on different interesting topics: history, technology, psychology, etc. I'm Belarusian and I understood 80-90% of each podcast at the very beginning of my learning. I think Ukrainian will have a similar result :)

  5. Nice. Just a question regarding your country. It's hard to know what's real since media are biased everywhere. How would you describe your country when compared to Poland? What do you think of Łukaszenka's recent visa removal towards Poles?

  6. I understand for sure that Poland has its own problems and issues, but they are absolutely incomparable with Belarusians ones. After huge protests in 2020 Lukashenka have brutally repressed thousands of people. There are 1200+ political prisoners right now and this number is still increasing. Even comment on the social media can become a reason to go to jail, so I'm little bit scared to write it :\

  7. I think it partly depends on Maldini's decision of Florenzi buying option. Yes, Ale has proven that he can be useful sub, but for this role he has too big salary. And if we don't buy him then team will have three CB (Kjaer, Tomori, Botman), one RB (Calabria) and Kalulu who can play on both positions. Imo it'll be a good balance and all these players will have enough playing time.

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