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  1. If there are no third party witnesses, the plaintiff is likely going to lose

  2. TBH these photos aren’t the best argument. Let’s see what it looks like with that space truly reclaimed- more landscaping, the absence of a curb and more permeable and more interesting paving.

  3. Not at all. Something like you see in some of these drawings

  4. I didn’t realize that was him and now I feel old AF.

  5. Does anyone think that these sentences would have been so light if they were black?

  6. This is about execute privilege, but the statement from Trump’s attorney says it violates attorney-client privilege

  7. Great example of why the entire fake profession should be banned.

  8. Yep, and probably bought and lived in a suburban home suitable for his family of 6. While he went to work the wife stayed home to cook, clean and take care of the kids.

  9. Looks like he was worth every penny

  10. Just had a young patient with tetanus. 14 years I’ve been a nurse and it’s the first time I’ve seen full body tetany. The patient is still experiencing tetany 5 weeks later, has a tracheotomy, a feeding tube and is living in a nursing home. But you do you sis.

  11. Damn. I better check when I last had a tetanus shot.

  12. It’s possible that they are experimenting with using Bard, which is extremely unreliable, for some types of searches like this.

  13. It was obvious that this would be the case with a structural battery pack.

  14. This is the consumer price for lower cost production of vehicle. Good reason to have comprehensive insurance, and not just liability.

  15. But will the lower price of the vehicle just be canceled out by higher insurance premiums?

  16. Americans: this is the greatest country in the world! Also, all other citizens besides me are poor and disgusting.

  17. Had no idea 'alt text' was such a hot button issue here 🤔

  18. It’s become a big issue since these lawsuits started. But nevertheless, it was always the right thing to do.

  19. I hear about the lawsuit, but haven’t seen amazing proof. Is ADA really a big issue? I suspect for small businesses probably not. Bigger companies should consider it.

  20. The problem is that lawyers are sending out lawsuits en masse to small business websites in order to force them to settle. It’s a shakedown.

  21. It’s possible that Carvana might have $68,000 in cash left…

  22. Not sure about Virginia, but here in California we have a problem that judges are NIMBYer than their counterpart executive or legislative officials (judges are old, grumpy, financially secure, overconfident, etc). This same effect could be happening here.

  23. My favorite is the judge who ruled that noise from proposed student housing at Berkeley requires environmental review.

  24. I actually want to see what one of these shitty clone games is like but there is no way I am putting that on my phone.

  25. Jim Davis drove a white Ferrari and lived for New Year’s Eve

  26. Are they good boys? That’s what matters.

  27. Because this can be solved by sitting in a circle and banging drums.

  28. The only core values of the modern Republican Party are discrimination against minorities and tax cuts for the super rich.

  29. It's pretty hard for the US to preach the importance of Democracy and rule of law to the world when this is one of our closest allies. Trump was bad enough.

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