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  1. I've been waiting for almost an hour and haven't gotten even 1 order on both dd and ue.

  2. I think most adults make friends at work or school. You can also try joining a few meetup groups.

  3. There's a course on Coursera called learning how to learn, it's pretty good. Idk if it will help you learn faster necessarily but it will help you retain what you study more so you don't waste time studying and then forgetting it.

  4. $1,404 / 82hrs that's $17 per hour before gas, mileage and taxes. How much did you spend in gas?

  5. Sure here's your 2 dollars pay me 2 dollars for your share of the gas....a dollar for wear and tear on my dasher rocket and a dollar for finding the right house in the dark with no lights or numbers....oops you employee's owe US some money

  6. TBH I am sus about the FBI/CIA like the recent Texas shooting a 18 year old has 9000 bucks of shit and the cops leave him alone for a hour. I'm not saying it's true but I wouldn't be surprised if it was because it wouldn't be the first time they plan a terrorist attack on us citizens.

  7. Where are you reading that he had $9,000 of gear? The average cost of an ar15 is $800.

  8. I'm sorry to hear that happened, that really sucks. I find it really odd though that she would bring up past experiences and ask you how many girls you have been with and tell you how many guys she has been with on the very first date. You probably dodged a bullet. Try to think positive and assume she has HIV or syphilis.

  9. I tried but always failed. I cannot be changed. That is how I am. I am cursed. I even see a therapist but all she can do is listening to my problems and helping to recognize my other problems.

  10. How long have you seen your therapist for? Maybe you should think about trying a different therapist.

  11. I don’t see they have the python section available on a/A open platform yet


  13. I backed them when they launched on KIckstarter a few years ago. I recently started the full stack web development track (I had no time before). So far, I am happy with it. I like the fact that there is a Discord community where you can ask questions to tutors/teachers and fellow students when you are stuck. You also have to submit an exercise at the end of each block which makes it more “bootcamp like” compared to a Udemy course. A teacher will check your exercise and comment on it if necessary.

  14. I'm extremely sorry to hear about your situation. 23 is not too old to feel so lost though. I'm 35 and still struggling to do anything with my life. Do you have a computer and the internet? Have you thought about some type of online job or doing something freelance on sites like upwork or fivver? Or even creating some type of YouTube channel? If you only have a phone you can try creating YouTube shorts videos or tiktok videos or Instagram videos. Or you can maybe try selling on eBay or etsy or Amazon.

  15. Coursera has some good certificates. They just came out with this one on digital marketing

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