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  1. isn’t this the plot to “the gift (2015)”? lol

  2. hi, commenting on this thread. got an acceptance phone call from them on 2/15!

  3. i just got my phone call from them on 2/15!!!!

  4. Companion parking pass. Then walk over to the car Camping area with your friends. Then drive out and leave whenever you can

  5. but won’t you get towed after 2am? i’m trying to see if there’s somewhere i can keep it for friday-sun :-(

  6. hi friends! looking for a weekend 2 ticket preferably with a parking pass <3 i’m located in tucson az!! but will drive to phoenix metro area for tix. thanks :-)

  7. last coachella set: sunday, wk 2 2019 ariana grande lmfaooooo

  8. UPDATE: guys, fuck my LIFE. i couldn’t take it. the piece of shit browser system wouldn’t take a picture of my ID. after 35 minutes on hold the guy tells me it’s because my macbook software is outdated. i had IOS 10.11 and you need 10.12. WHAT THE FUCK. so now LSAC has a video of me trying not to lose my shit and my cat crying in the background :) labor day Monday so i can’t call LSAC til Tuesday :)))

  9. If it gets flagged for noise, that just means someone will review it again. It’s still a human being, so if they watch and see it’s obviously a screaming cat, they aren’t going to think you’re cheating (unless, as I commented on another post, they’re suspicious that the cat is communicating with you in code).

  10. really? my exam is in 8 min and i had to drop my cat off at my friends. i’ll be home literally at test time.

  11. thank you for saving my life and soothing my anxiety jaja

  12. me too but just trying to think 1) we can always take it again if we have to 2) you're taking the GD LSAT we should be proud of ourselves!!! not many people have the courage to do this were gonna KILL IT!!!

  13. i literally got fired from my job because my attitude got so bad... i was just so upset that I couldn't dedicate my time to the LSAT LOL.. praying for you!

  14. would be interested in a future session! good shit, dude

  15. It’s tough. I’m working part time right now and it took me a while to really balance it but what I’d recommend is to try to do at least an hour a day and reserve your weekends for LSAT. It’s a grind but you can definitely do it! I believe in you

  16. i literally came to this sub to find something like this. mine isn’t super specific or have to do with being out and with crowds so much but like when i’m just in my head or when i’m having a rough anxiety driven day i’ll have rumbles/constant need to go and it usually lasts for days. and it usually uncomfortable. i get you :(

  17. i’m curious if they’ll let us keep our tickets as credit and use it for next time... whenever that is... or if it’s better to just get a refund

  18. I (F23)had this intense dream last night about my ex (M26). The other night i couldn’t fight off the urge to send him an four page email... before i went to bed last night i read through it again. I had a dream about me and my family entering what seemed to be his room and there were pictures of him and his current girlfriend all over with little love notes behind each one. As i was running out of the room HER MOM phoned me to tell me i was ugly and that i would never be in a relationship with him again because her daughter was the love of his life. then at some point my dad phoned my ex asking him to take me back but my ex told him no that he was in love with this girl and would never get back together with me. The dream ended with my ex and his girlfriend running off to mexico together. I woke up mortified and sooo sad. lol. we broke up two years ago

  19. Oh yeah, had a few classes with one of your editors at the Daily Wildcat and forgot how livid they are. Between that and the Border Patrol incident that was a... Fun semester to say the least.

  20. I was a part of the Border Patrol incident, one of the AZ3 and my boyfriend was in KAMP fighting for AZ Media. needless to say everyone was fucked that semester because of the lack of efficiency and care on Bobby’s part

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