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  1. I believe it. And thinking back I’ll probably just bring an empty Gatorade bottle. Can just dump it out after every piss

  2. The gallon water jugs that have a twist cap seal pretty excellent just don’t get the ones that just snap on, I had a full gallon spill over as a truck driver soaked into the company trucks carpet 💀

  3. Lmao I did think about that. I’ll go with a Gatorade bottle tho

  4. I like Johnny and Liu kang against Noob. They’re faster than him at close range and both have decent-to-good projectiles to kounter his zoning. And yeah just practice a bit against his teleport, it’s super duper easy to severely punish if you see it coming and they don’t kombo into it.

  5. Is it usually this empty or is it more because of the weather recently?

  6. No they show new movies now. $7 matinee, $10 evening and $5 Tuesdays.

  7. Start working out, learn martial arts, get a badass costume, begin hunting these criminals in the darkness of night

  8. Hey the old Times Square building! I used to work in there

  9. Idk who Amy is but I hope their birthday is poppin fresh

  10. I already have a oled switch so I’m saving up for the air fryer oven

  11. Sorry in advance that you're coming from out of town for one of the world's worst sounding venues, owned by a MAGA-loving shithead. I hope you get to experience a better part of Rochester while you're here.

  12. I saw Panic at the Disco in 2015 and Dashboard Confessional in 2018 there. I didn't know anything about the owner of the joint, but I did enjoy the concerts and the taco stand they had in there.

  13. Journey is a cutie, I wish I could take him. He's got a nice tuxedo.

  14. Yeah traffic sucks, Elon better hurry up building those underground car tunnel systems across America.

  15. what's the difference between a senior coffee and a regular coffee?

  16. A senior coffee is just a small priced differently. It's just a courtesy discount for older folks.

  17. It will be two years with tinnitus for me in September. I've been wearing signia hearing aids that play white noise since last April. I've gotten used to it however a few months ago I developed a beating in my right ear now that happens sporadically from time to time. It's annoying but it usually doesn't last long. But now just within the last week in I've developed this kind of low toned hum and vibration feeling in my right ear. I can hear and feel it when I'm in a quiet room and my signia aids that play white noise doesnt cover it up, its becoming very stressful and I hope it doesnt last long.

  18. Josh Allen is a beast of a dude. He will bring the bills to super bowl victory.

  19. Just last night I fed 4 of us with 1 rotisserie chicken, a bag of frozen skinny green beans, and a box of Stove Top Stuffing and all of us were full and happy with the meal. Bonus that it can. All be out together in 15 minutes beginning to sitting down at the table.

  20. Yeah Wendy's and BK prices have gotten nuts. McDonalds isn’t quite as rough, you can still get most combo meals for under 10 bucks and the deals in their app are clutch. Nonetheless might as well just go to applebees or fridays instead of wendys or BK because it comes out to about the same price unless you plan on getting appetizers or alcohol.

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