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  1. Ohhh I can totally see it! Thank you!!

  2. Are the faces from something specific?

  3. I am looking for the episode where Elias tells Jon that he chose to be an avatar. Do you know where that was?

  4. They do this on purpose. The theory is that people will be more attracted to cleaners that look like food because people enjoy eating more than cleaning.

  5. He adopted injured critters, that's why he has squirrels

  6. I was gifted this knife recently and love the pattern. I don't know what it is called though. Do any of y'all know?

  7. Nice! Maybe a bit technical for some people. Just tell them "roots" :)

  8. The cool thing is that these are not the roots. The fungus grows on and out from the roots. The network connects all of the rooted plants in the area.

  9. Definitely not a good idea to tattoo over pimples. It's not healthy skin and can cause irritation or even infection.

  10. If it helps, it's to help kids see the glass and not run right into it.

  11. Is this before or after it went in the oven?

  12. How dare people use coming techniques I don't understand.

  13. "When Jones learned that he would not be returning, he stopped grading his current students' work entirely, according to the school."

  14. Didn't it emerge that US military or defense department gave starlink to Ukraine and just didn't take the credit and Elon did get the money, just from US government.

  15. There were over 3k donated by the company. But remember, that's a tax write off and he probably profited in another way.

  16. Get wound wash from your local pharmacy. They’re pH balanced, sterile, and the correct ratio of salt to water - none of which is the case with the home made stuff

  17. Fair. That's what we've been using. We did the soak to see if there was pus. I don't think that's pus, for the record.

  18. Is this your partner's piercing and you're posting on their behalf?

  19. This would be the death of me. I would Absolutely be trying to pet the lion

  20. Is it part of the scp lore

  21. No, it is independent of any other lore. It has plenty of its own!

  22. Don't go to an amazing artist for such a simple design. You want someone good but there's no need to pay $250

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