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  1. go on any woman hating (or just a general sub, incels are everywhere) sub and i guarantee you will actually be worried for the safety of women within minutes. you have the rest of reddit to peruse with stories of men fantasizing about raping women, and that’s not even the worst of it. you have nothing to worry about here and your fake concern is still patronizing. this is the perspective of many women and it is not pretty. it is not neatly wrapped or sugar coated. we are allowed to feel rage.

  2. i refuse to believe that’s all you took away from my literal novel. what about that has got you so gobsmacked. that’s really the “wtf” moment for you in all of those paragraphs. you must be a different kind of troll. you are so unbelievably self-centred. stop telling me to take care and go back to your jordan peterson.

  3. Holy shit something really similar happened to me. I was talking to a coworker and this dude whirled around and shamelessly stared directly at her ass for such an uncomfortable amount of time. When he finally stopped he looked up to see me glaring. I honestly would've verbally abused him if I wasn't at work. I'm more disgusted by men and lose more and more faith when I witness nasty shit like that.

  4. i don’t think it’s the sex that makes you feel bad, but the person. sex without even a “thanks for the shag” afterwards just feels like you’re a living breathing flesh light. it’s common decency to at least say “hey that was nice” even for a one night stand where no names were exchanged, even if you’ll never see each other again

  5. i know it’s not what you want to hear but i just don’t date anymore. i’ve had my trust and personhood violated in so many ways, i realized i’m genuinely too young (and smart) to let anyone in ever again. i’m happier and safer that way

  6. had an experience like this when i was going to a dispensary, although not as scary. there was a gang of men right in front and they were hollering at me, in a sad attempt to cat call (one even started following me back to the car). i have resting bitch face and a brisk walk, so i just ignored them. i always have a (“work”) knife on me and i haven’t used it but i’m always weary of the day i might quite literally have to, because no matter how much i go to the gym or try to be strong, a man is going to most likely overpower me unless i’m protected. i’ve never looked to other men to come to my defence, i don’t trust any of them.

  7. this is gonna come back to bite you in the ass, no matter how liberating or therapeutic you think it is. it is not worth it. masturbate or hug a friend if need be. it’s not the “real thing” but 10 times better than whatever this is. you will regret not cutting your losses earlier

  8. Yeah i know long term we can keep doing this. Its hard cause we are also friends too and hang in the same circle of people. Do you think im being an asshole to him or is it more just hurting myself? ive told him multiple times that i could never take him back or trust him again and he insists he knows and its fine but then acts all pouty when i tell him its the last time. i know in theory he hasnt really given me reason to care about his feelings since he never cared about mine. but i dont want to hurt him even if he hurt me. i think its really just both of us being selfish cause well i might be i think he is as well by ignoring me multiple times asking him to stop contacting me and somewhat taking advantage of me being in a vulnerable spot (even though i take full responsibility since i did reach back out to him)

  9. i was like you once, and then i got raped by my ex. i’m definitely projecting but i know how these things go. stop caring. you will both be fine without seeing or fucking each other, i promise. if he’s getting all pouty when you establish a boundary then things will get worse. don’t make excuses for people when they show you who they are. stop this nonsense and leave him. you are not a bad person.

  10. their brains can't handle nuance or any thinking that isn't black and white. it's why most misogynists manage to infantilize and demonize women at the same time. they put us on a pedestal and treat us like therapists and parents, then they backslide into the most hateful, dehumanizing shit. really, they hate themselves and can't bear to see that their gender is responsible for most of the most depraved shit we see happening on a daily basis globally.

  11. don’t just stop seeing this insecure andrew tate wannabe, block him. people like him are not worth another thought

  12. you just discovered negging, sadly. it’s all bullshit. and if i die alone i’m still dying happy. i fucking love myself. why would i waste my time dating in this day and age when i love myself

  13. god i feel this so much. its why im so hesitant around dating men its just nonstop bad experiences.

  14. you would have to put a gun to my head before i’m compelled to date again. the trauma is worse than anything

  15. sexual women = women who are sexually active. stop reading so much into it. i never once shamed anyone, because there is nothing wrong with being sexual. it’s a neutral adjective. asexual women exist. there are also (shocker) gay women who are sexual and asexual. women who don’t want to engage in sexual activities exist. obviously “sexual” is there for clarity. i didn’t feel like using extra words or sugar coating because i didn’t think someone would deliberately misread them and choose to get offended by someone being sexual. you seem to really want to pick a fight and i’m not interested. i seem to have struck a nerve.

  16. i’m sorry to burst your bubble but men are constantly trying to find ways to manipulate young, vulnerable women (that they deem attractive enough for sex), whether it’s something as extreme and sinister as rape or a simple lie to have a warm bed for a night or a bit longer. you can not all men me all you want but the amount of men i’ve had to reject because i could see so easily through their bullshit and Knew they would easily play “the long game” of deceit to get their stupid useless nut is crazy. some of them are more clever though.

  17. if i have gone through hell and back and i’m not radicalized i don’t know what to tell you. if you have the capacity to be an evil hateful spiteful cunt then you simply do. it always sounds less like concern and more like a thinly veiled threat when men say “maybe just be nice or neutral and he won’t do X.” i thought if i would just be nice i wouldn’t get raped. wrong. i wasn’t just raped but aggressively so. it’s no longer up to me.

  18. i briefly saw two short guys over a year ago. one was a bit shorter than me, the other was my height. both were insecure about it in different ways. one of them put on this really off-putting macho act (which made me leave him so quickly even though we were mostly hooking up- i couldn’t handle it) and the other would constantly talk about it and need my reassurance that i didn’t give a fuck. the macho guy also ended up raping me so.. there’s that.

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