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  1. Grandaddy's second album Sophtware Slump is fantastic and I love that it references the sophomore slump in the title

  2. Ezra Miller has multiple girls (some of age, some not) that he uses for sex at his house in new england. I'm leaving some details out.

  3. I don't smoke weed when friends aren't around. I don't smoke anything involving nicotine because that shit's nasty

  4. I hadn't considered the experience of this when high....

  5. From one broke college shoegaze kid to another:

  6. If you find anything about The Synergy Project, they're pretty ok. My childhood friend's dad runs it. Or used to run it. I haven't heard much about it.

  7. Idk how close you are to philly but there's some sorta scene there. They Are Gutting A Body Of Water, Kicker, Jet Fuel Soda, and a whole fuckton of mediocre indie bands (I distantly know probably half the people in them)

  8. I'm standing in your street now And I carry his guitar

  9. There's no good name for this genre. shoecore sounds silly and hardgaze sounds like "hard gays" lmaoo

  10. I was making a joke not trying to start an argument

  11. If anyone wants to drop thirteen hundred dollars on an

  12. I just don't like volbeat and illumise. I don't care much for breeding gimmicks in general, but I just think these guys are kinda ugly...

  13. I didn't know that. It's pretty cool. I knew his dad was a music guy but never knew the specifics

  14. Bon iver kicks ass. I suppose indie folk isn't very far from emo but the shit they did on 22 a million is like a next level of cool and it's so weird

  15. To me it sounds like the basic GarageBand pitch shifter shifting up the sound 3-5 semitones. Alex G does this kinda frequently if you wanna search through his discog to find examples.

  16. only go down to level 4 knowing about his association with dj screw

  17. Haven't been in a relationship, but I always seem to fall for the ones with glasses. Not sure why I like the way it frames their face, it's just cute.

  18. No I haven't. I was going to make a follow-up post with a drawing but never did. I still want to. Thanks for reminding me! 👍

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