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  1. I feel like I have to say yes or I’ll get smacked. 🥺

  2. So…for real Mia was mad that Wendy threw her under the bus about Charisse. She wasn’t expecting Wendy to say anything and I think mostly cause she expected Wendy to kiss her ass from that burn session/apology tour. I think Wendy knew she was being used as a pawn by Charisse and didn’t want things to get messy with Karen and defended what she said then put the light on Mia. Charisse so worried about the Karen story but Mia is stirring shit in that pot. So now Mia has to deflect and went overboard.

  3. Unfortunately I think the same people who don’t like Wendy and won’t acknowledge the colorism are taking the stance that Ashley did with Candiace. The proverbial shoe on the other foot. I think people are enjoying seeing Wendy suffer and not being able to have empathy for her because they don’t like her. Rather sad.

  4. Call an electrician or someone with a ladder.

  5. I am not a fast food connoisseur by any means, but wendy's is my least favorite fast food place. I will eat arby's without the sauce before I eat wendy's.

  6. And that’s saying a lot. Lol. I always said Arbys meat looked like skin grafts.

  7. Wendy's was the first place I ever complained to corporate. It tasted like they took my fries out of the trash and microwaved them. Have a bad experience every time I have gone back sense. And that is trying different locations.

  8. Ever since Dave Thomas passed it hasn’t been the same. It’s mostly the service for me…and the chicken nuggets but I can see why you’d say that. My never go-to place is Rally’s. I be damned to eat from a place where the toilet is within feet from where they cook. That’s disgusting

  9. We don’t want them to burnout too soon. The tension has to build. I actually hope for an anti-formula for them. I was wanting them to get together but they would do better as just friends.

  10. Idk if you watch Brooklyn 99, but If they are going to get together, I want them to do it the way B99 did with Amy and Jake. It took 3 seasons to get them together but Jake had the mature a little. Then once they were together, the characters continued to grow and they didn’t use the relationship for cliff hangers or force them to be on and off all the time.

  11. I have to watch that series. I never got around to watching it. I could get with this scenario though.

  12. No. Maybe a cruel god if anything. I cannot believe that a god that’s supposedly “loving” would allow the Holocaust, cancer, rape, child molestation, racism, etc… happen.

  13. Because it is man who’s inflicted those things not God.

  14. Then he’s not as powerful as one believes

  15. Do you want people to be your friend out of fear or love?

  16. I so wish we could petition to not have it as a national holiday. My job decided to not make Easter a day we took off. You can use a vacation day to observe it. Thanksgiving that is not a religious observation should be a choice and not a forced day. And to not attach it to the trauma and colonization of native peoples.

  17. Jack Gleeson. The guy who played Joffrey on GoT. Poor guy left Hollywood

  18. Call the police man. Let them dig up the rest of the person

  19. Being lightskinned has helped her a lot

  20. Mmmmmm idk. She looks like Michael with hair. 🫢

  21. Yeah when candiace made the comment that Ashley would know about looking the other way and Ashley said she held Michael accountable. Like WHEN? Also when Robyn and Giselle were telling Ashley about Michael with another man I wanted to say this was so fake. If I were Ashley I would be so mad that my “friend” hadn’t told me years ago when she first heard it. Ashley just smiled and said “it doesn’t matter” or something to that effect. Yes it does matter!

  22. Pharmacy= a place of health/healing. I do think she is a dream interpretation of his mom. Anchor=a dream reference to holding something/securing something also would be an interpretation of his mom. If Cree Summer is playing his mom in his dream it must be a source of nostalgia/comfort. Her and the many characters she’s played on tv in his childhood.

  23. Wake Up is basically the one phrase found in all Spike Lee joints

  24. Yes. I had a conversation recently about how the word “woke” has evolved. And this reference is definitely a part of the that. The earlier generation of the word had more spiritual enlightenment attached to it’s evolved to a bland take.

  25. It’s genetic or viral infection that would make it variegated. Few times it’s about the amount of light it received.

  26. I think she looks great. I also think she’s newly natural and it’s HnH (hands in hair) syndrome for her. She’s probably also doing her own hair and hasn’t quite mastered her technique but I’m happy to see her rocking her god given hair. It’s full and a cute length and her silk presses with that color will be bomb! I also think…that her being the only other natural outside of Ashley, this is a look-at-me thing with her playing in it. They are definitely each other’s competition in EVERYTHING and now we have to add to the list hair.

  27. Great info! I’ve had mind for about 8 months and have it sitting next to my patio door which gets a lot of indirect light as there is a roof immediately above the door.

  28. Lol. So you know you have a prima-donna. What we do for our plant family.

  29. I think Michael was staging the hotel room photo to deflect the booty grab and gay cheating talk. It might have been Ashley’s idea. She never seems too shocked with any of the information

  30. It’s so 1930s to be like a Woman mustn’t close her hotel room door and another woman’s husband surely would be tempted to lure and rape a woman staying in a room alone.

  31. I just wanna know how many times has she been in Juan’s company unattended 🫢

  32. The whole thing with Chris doesn't even make sense to me. He is the husband of your friend. Why did you think he was trying to hit on you when he was asking advice about his wife? Gizelle first said she was worried about how it would appear for her to be in a hotel room with a married man. Then, she said Chris made her feel uncomfortable. Yet, when Gizelle mentioned it to him, said to open the door, he did immediately. I get that there can be an, "energy," that doesn't come through in the facts of the story. So, I'm not trying to be that person.

  33. I see it as Giselle not wanting to hear what Chris has to say because she dOesNt cARe. It’s the I-only-pretend-to-be-friends-but-I-don’t-give-af energy she gives about everything to me. Even with Robyn. That conversation she had with Juan about the engagement ring came off so disingenuous to me. Idk if it was about him but something makes me feel like she can’t be happy for her friend (Robyn).

  34. This is false and honestly doesn’t count. She got the text while filming during cast trip. The cameras are always rolling and if they receive a text regarding a cast member while filming, they have to share it. That’s part of the show. She was very delicate… she showed them to Gizelle because she was trying to be as delicate as possible with Ashley.

  35. I want to add to your point that Candiace and Ashley were far from dealing with each other. I think it was the butter knife being wielded in the season prior that they still weren’t talking but Candiace wanted support from Giselle to let Ashley know what was going on.

  36. Okay, see I WANT to like Chris. I really do. I feel like he does give the creep vibe. I don’t think he’s worthy of being attacked at this point but he just seems like in five years the story is gonna come out he’s had three wives on the side and we’re all gonna be like I KNEW IT all along! 🤣 I hope I’m wrong, maybe it’s my Candice hate obscuring my judgement here

  37. I know what you mean. Seems harmless but in the background kinda gives creep vibes. I think that’s just because he’s not a boisterous personality. He lets Candiace do that. If they both did it would be too much. Lol.

  38. Every nursery says these are the worst plants to get. If you don’t live in a tropical zones they are bound to die. They need humidity and to be above 70 degrees. I bought one in October (of all months) and it was completely dead by February.

  39. Just a theory here but the weather has been more on the warmer side. It’s possible the plants are responding to that. This Saturday is supposed to be the start of colder temperatures, so if you are concerned by the rule of thumb maybe just wait until spring. Good luck

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