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  1. Are YOU stupid??? I don’t understand how you could say or think that about him, especially in this forum.

  2. if someone had a genuine question and you responded with this, they’d never wanna post here again. it’s ok to be passionate, just direct that passion elsewhere please

  3. fall away has gotta be in the top 5 best tyler joseph rap verses for me personally, it stays true to the meaning of the song while sounding SO good.

  4. pretty much any song off of carpetgarden’s “The Way He Looks” album


  6. i appreciate your eagerness but I don’t think it’s that deep

  7. included in only the newsletter version of RAB, this song was later put on vessel as one of the 12 songs

  8. I don’t HATE bf, I just don’t think it’s as coherent of an album as say Vessel or Trench in the sense of how they’re themed. Blurryface (character) has some sort of relevance in each song, but if I didn’t know that and was told to tell you what was similar in all of these songs, I couldn’t.

  9. Ride if I’m trying to get out easy, Lovely if I just wanna flex 💪😎

  10. i completely forgot about Johnny Boy! I was gonna say that it was hard to pick between any other song since most of them have a pretty lonely atmosphere to them.

  11. I tried picking one from each album, it was harder than I thought

  12. I think my pick was bias since RAB isn’t legally obtainable (at least without spending a pretty penny) so my appreciation for lovely stems from that I think

  13. I agree, but I still find myself gravitating to RAB’s version instead. It’s the only version I prefer over Vessel’s.

  14. It’s a guilty pleasure for me. I don’t want to like it since I think it blends in with other music in the pop genre, but a lot of the songs are quite catchy.

  15. not sure if this counts, but him hitting his drumsticks together during migraine. I absolutely love it.

  16. I had this same idea, although I had to do it for a class. I didn’t go into depth for my set list, my teacher restricted us to only 3 songs, so I went with Stressed Out, Ride & Trees.

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