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  1. This is something I wish Singaporeans would open their minds on. If you want to raise pay across the board, you have to be willing to accept higher prices for other people's work.

  2. He's not wrong but how did he migrate to Australia as a plumber? They're kinda protective of their trade job opportunities (unsurprisingly).

  3. Actually right now if you have trade skills and about 3-5 years of experience you get fast-tracked for their PR. Australia needs plumbers badly. Technicians, engineers, basically everything blue-collar skills are in huge demand.

  4. True, but not necessarily from parents. I know some folks who had non-racist parents but got seriously messed up by their friends.

  5. And these days even if literally everyone around you happens to be a decent person there are social media influencers who will mess you up instead.

  6. A whole lot of small business owners. I totally understand people being upset about a small business being owned by a guy who's racist or something, but putting them out of business and without a means of feeding their family because now nobody will hire them is far worse and I will die on this hill.

  7. Yeaaah the thing is for a small business owner, being "cancelled" isn't something the masses inflicts on them, it's their small-business customers deciding not to patronize their store. It's not like where a public campaign kicks a celebrity off a show or gets a firm to fire an employee. Twitter cannot magically make your regular customers shun you.

  8. Not wanting to see it is what helped lead to it :P

  9. To be fair, I do think some kind of content warning tag would help mentally prepare people for seeing it. I don't object to pics like this being posted, but it would be nice to have a heads up before clicking on it.

  10. The title is misleading. They didn't reject arms sales, they rejected allegations of arms sales.

  11. He was amazing in Bernie and Mrs Albert Hannaday.

  12. Bernie was the movie that came to mind when Jack Black's name came up.

  13. The United States could probably take on the whole world for quite some time. Probably wouldn’t win, but it would be a hell of a fight for awhile.

  14. Not the whole world at once, depending on your definition of "quite some time". What makes the USA a global military power is actually not its weapons and military armaments but its alliances. Forget military support (allied military is peanuts compared to the USA's): the real contribution of its allies is logistics.

  15. Wait till they learn that Malay is our national language

  16. Wait till they learn Shariah law has full legal recognition.

  17. This is a bot, which stole half of a comment from lower in the thread.

  18. OK but no soy sauce I've bought has come in the form of a thick, oily paste. Has the composition of soy sauce changed over time?

  19. Am Chinese. In Mandarin, soy sauce is jiàng yóu (醬油), literally "sauce oil". The Japanese pronunciation of 醬油 is shoyu, from which the word "soy" is derived. Amusingly, the actual Mandarin name for soybeans is huáng dòu (黄豆), literally "yellow bean", which doesn't appear at all in the name of the sauce.

  20. Not to be a pedant but shōyu uses the character 醤, slightly different from 醬.

  21. Yes, it's the same character, though. The Kanji is slightly modified, but they refer to the same word. 醬 is the traditional and 酱 is the simplified character in Chinese, while 醤 is the Japanese Kanji.

  22. On top of all the great explanations, I'll add another factor: cultural context ads subtleties to language.

  23. Relations have chilled, which means our relationship is not chill.

  24. Bold of you to assume any given virgin on reddit would be underage.

  25. I thought everyone lost their V card at twelve like I did, since I’m such an ugly computer geek who grew up when that wasn’t popular. Ya know if I can do it anyone can do it… and better.

  26. It was a joke. The stereotype of the average redditor is a middle-aged virgin nerd. The person you were originally replying to was invoking that stereotype as joke.

  27. Even though it is not a reserved election, it is likely Madam Halimah will run (and probably win by default). The list of potential candidates has narrowed down since they tightened the requirements in 2017. Highly unlikely for any pro-opposition candidate to appear and contest ala 2011.

  28. I actually am guessing that Halimah will not contest. While she will likely win, the odds of her winning are not so high as to keep the PAP secure.

  29. Personally, I feel its probably more risky for the PAP if they were to have another “chosen” candidate other than Halimah. Especially in a year when they have enough things to deal with (e.g. inflation, GST hike, BTO shortage, ministerial salary etc). Also, if the other candidate happens to be from another ethnicity, it might not play out well politically, that Halimah was merely a candidate because of her race, not on merit. (Even though yes it was a reserved election).

  30. Generally, I agree. I think Halimah has better than even odds for winning regardless. The incumbent has better recognition in an election where campaign spending is highly limited. But it's my opinion that a different candidate would give them better odds on winning, and the PAP is the kind that likes to be sure.

  31. Damn, I had no idea, had to Google it. Always loved the guy, he's got such an innocent charm about him.

  32. I am Chinese and my great-grandparents were murdered by the Japanese. My country was conquered by them.

  33. I'll say that about the single-player, yes. The online mode, on the other hand, was a travesty on the effort the single-player devs put in.

  34. It's telling that I know exactly where this is in the game just by looking at the screenshot.

  35. Last year, a friend of mine said Skull and Bones is guaranteed to release, since it got a steam store page and everything

  36. I seem to recall that the reason Ubisoft can't cancel it is because their deal with the SG government would require them to pay back the subsidies if they do. So they'll cancel a bunch of other projects but not Skull and Bones.

  37. We tried public housing, they were generally unsuccessful for being a concentration of crime, violence, drug use, and general unpleasantness. We eventually went another option of subsidizing rent above 25% of the subject's income. Issuing a Section 8 certificate is vastly cheaper than building entirely new construction and largely circumvented the aforementioned problems, not to mention that low-income families greatly appreciated the freedom to choose where they lived.

  38. In Singapore we have around 1,200 homeless in a city-state of around 6 million, and about half the homeless are voluntarily so (largely due to personality conflicts with family). Our solution was public housing. It worked.

  39. Not HR exactly, but involved in hiring for a project-based industry. Salary is not a KPI for HR but there are sometimes guidelines based on your previous salary. Some places have a maximum raise we can offer to attract you: this gets really hairy when there is a sudden industry-wide talent crunch (e.g. post-covid)and every prospective hire is demanding like 50% extra.

  40. Technically, if they vote to allow plurality, you could be voted in. Speaker does not have to be elected by the public.

  41. The problem is if they allow plurality the speaker would be a Democrat.

  42. Anyone can grace us with a link to the videos of the incident? I'm OOTL.

  43. I'll trade her my career at a "reputable" company for her career trajectory at "disreputable" firms.

  44. You know, this actually made me think. Would I trade my decent but unexceptional wage for a pile of cash that I would have to earn by feeding hate, denigrating the vulnerable and grifting the ignorant?

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