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  1. Omg, Claude is such a baddie! Came to serve and eat as per usual!

  2. I love them so much! They're my favorite duo, they have such a fun dynamic!<3

  3. I'd probably wear a combo of Bernie's top half of the uniform(top and hoodie, but make it black), Petra's bottom(skirt), and Dorothea's boots.

  4. it’s my duty to convert everyone to claude lovers 😭 i‘m a self-appointed prophet

  5. I'll have to go with Failnaught because it has a sick name, looks cool af, and I love bows

  6. They all turned out pretty good; the last one is my fave, she's so cute🥺

  7. I don't hate any of the students, I have love for all of them, but...things are more complicated with Ingrid tho. I don't really feel attached to her at all, and tho I do find the character interesting, there's nothing about her that I really love. I also find her pretty bossy and naggy. My feelings have always been complicated, very mixed and all over the place, much like a roller coaster. I loved her at one point(mostly for her character design tbh, but she also seemed cool and I usually love tomboys), hated her for awhile as well, and eventually just kept going back and forth between like and dislike through the years. These days, I mostly feel neutral towards her, I sometimes even forget about her completely - this happens a lot actually, and it always leaves me baffled as she's part of the faerghus four, and one of the three BL girls, like idk how I keep forgetting this girl lol

  8. I'm used to it by now, and I've grown to hate it less, but I still think it could've been better...a lot better.

  9. Damn! She looks amazing! Really wish we got something like this, it's so good!

  10. (as if i'm making a product pitch to a board of corporate stooges) okay, so what we do is we get two traumatized bisexuals with hidden agendas and enough trust issues to choke a horse, see, and then - now this is the cincher - we make 'em kiss

  11. I'm dead cuz this is very similar to the drunk pitch my friend made back when she first presented us with this ship actually😭💀

  12. i’ve been an edelclaude advocate for years and i’m so glad the fandom at large is finally kinda coming around on it

  13. Same! I remember being out here in the trenches defending this ship omg, people weren't ready for it at the time I guess lol

  14. CF/AM/VW ending scenes, the Flame Emperor reveal in AM, that one scene in VW where the Deer are talking and bonding with each other right before taking Enbarr(it's a sweet little moment, and I love it so much), GSS, Claude's "Don't hold this against me, okay?" critical quote changing to "Hold a grudge if you must" during pt.2(very small thing I noticed, but I really love and find cool), the voice acting(Cherami's especially), the GD's character designs, the Edelgard/Hubert and Claude/Hilda dynamic, the faerghus 4 - omg there's way too many! I'll just cut it here lol

  15. Yeah, he’s equally as bold as Edelgard and Dimitri in that he’s more willing to use unconventional tactics to aid the Golden Deer in large-scale warfare. And

  16. I really loved what they did with him! Definitely one of my favorite things that came out of that game!

  17. Meanwhile Alois is absolutely wheezing in the background and Petra’s rapidly taking notes on the art of comedy.

  18. Dimitri and I'm having difficulty picturing it - it'd probably be awkward af tho, I'd most likely have to get one of my sisters or friends to bail me out at some point; I don't handle awkward situations well at all lol.

  19. Claude running things how he wants is not a bad thing here. One day he's sharing food the next he brought music and even Dedue is cutting a rug.

  20. I was leaning towards art but you've changed my mind - music, food, and chill vibes, sign me up lol

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