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  1. doesn't make a lot of sense to me, 26M, I work in tech as a software engineer in the midwest and make just over 80k. i live comfortably but there are definitely not paths you can take to make that kind of money unless you're older and have the experience to work in senior/principal level roles. usually stuff like that requires 5-10 years experience before you'll even be considered

  2. I mean it’s midwest and youre not working at AWS, gotta do more leetcode and interview then lol

  3. Gotta ask, what’d you got to do to get a job that pays that much at 27? Doctorate?

  4. Probably tech, specifically software eng or data eng. If you’re good enough and work at FAANG style companies or similar, new grad get 150-200k a year, 22-23 years old. By 30s, senior level can get 400-550k. If youre even better, principal engineer or staff eng grt you 700k+ and the sky is the limit. Know a guy lead a team at AWS, was make 1.4 mils a year, 31 years old.

  5. I mean the msf I took mostly just for the license, it was 12h training and everyone passed

  6. I don't think that's a fair assessment. I agree fiberglass is a superior material, but polycarbonate composite is still an obviously capable material. It's also SNELL M2020 rated, so not "awful" like a standalone DOT-rated helmet.

  7. Mine is Icon Airflite, bought it mainly cause of the look, it has DOT, ECE and MIPs, will trading for a SNELL better?

  8. Man, still waiting for my R3 to get in stock. Bought my gears but yours are expensive

  9. No 30s yet, in a few years tho, but mine currently are cars and soon a motorcycle

  10. Mine cat is satan with a part time job at McDonald

  11. Stir fried noodle or macaroni or rice. fast, simple and easy. Then you can almost anything to the mix, I usually make it with broccoli or bokchoy, 96% lean beef or sliced chicken breast and mushrooms

  12. No, just red flags and it sounds like ambulance

  13. Mine is a 2022, so it’s automatic. But I’m about to get my first motorcycle soon, still using the clutch so it still counts?

  14. This is what makes Tesla owners the absolute worst. I’ve been privileged to be part of many different car communities over the decades and we fucking suck.

  15. Ye lmao, but to each their own, not all tesla owner or car enthusiasts. I would argue to regular people, the model 3 is an absolute beast

  16. Porsche any day, I would even settle with just a Cayman

  17. Idk who will win, but I know for sure my face will either on or in these vehicles

  18. Ye, back in the day I got “11/10”, said the instructor.

  19. How old are you? What's your temperament like? What are you long term goals for riding? How much money are you willing to spend now and into the future?

  20. I’m afraid that is likely the case, but I already accept this is tuition for a lesson for my future stupidity. Lmao, it actually about 2.2 times more than my student loans

  21. You've already accepted it if you're willing to sell, take the L, and move on.

  22. What I meant is that, if it goes to 0, fine. If it breaks even, nice. There is a chance it will break even, so I leave it at that and hold on.

  23. The point is there are good batch and bad one, if you take a look at tesla sub for about a year or so, you will see a trend. Why do you think you are such important that I have to lie yo you?

  24. Thank you by caring about my importance by answering me, but back to the question;just google for Toyotas with misaligned panels and you'll find almost nothing about it.And ohhhhh,were talking about a well developed brand that has years of experience and excellent quality control(yeah you can find some factory defects on certain models(paint wise and some bits in the interior)but still,a very rare occasion).Tesla has been the same shit since the beginning:when orders pile up, build quality descreases.

  25. I do think you’re important enough as a human just existing to respond you, heck I respond to my cat if he meow at me. But not lie. Regarding Toyota, what is your point? Did you imagine everyone lie to you so many times that you put words in anyone mouth, that I said Toyota qa is going down hill?

  26. About 20 years ago when I was < 10 years old. My classmates tried to bully me at the time the exam I tried hard for didn’t get the way I wanted it. One of the bully changed school after that

  27. Also consider the KTM 390 in both the Duke and RC versions. Pretty cheap used even with low miles.

  28. My R3 is easily my favorite motorcycle I've owned out of the many bikes I've had, so off the cuff I'd say you should pick the R3 if you're asking my very very biased opinion.

  29. Thanks, both of them will be price at msrp and they don’t have much different in price

  30. I dont think those bike have lights from factory and prob not street legal

  31. They dont have em from factory, its a simple dirt bike. Most states have regulations on what is needed attached to them to make them legal

  32. I actually use VScode for everything, from back to front from game to mobile to electron, heck I used VScode for my small ESP32 cat movement recognition project

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