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  1. Santa Monica has a lot going on - 3rd St Promenade is good for shopping, the pier is fun for families, Main St is good for restaurants/bars, plus Abbot Kinney is close by.

  2. TURKEY JOHN!! He rolled around the beach cities on his bike, flirted with all the girls and called everyone dorks. RIP Turkey John, the South Bay will remember you forever.

  3. Turkey John deserves his own post

  4. This is actually what you should do

  5. I always loved the star shaped nuggets at Carls Jr

  6. Sleep through the night. Neck pain and a shrinking bladder are killing my sleep schedule.

  7. STRONG disagree on the gentle leader. They're not gentle, they are god awful devices. Gentle my ass. Do you have any idea how dangerous these are if your dog runs off while the leash is still loose? "Forces their head to turn if they decide to pull" says it all. Sorry for the outburst but super strong no to gentle leaders. I fully agree with everything else you said!

  8. Sorry for your unfortunate experience with the gentle leader. I can’t say I know what you mean by “if your dog runs off while the leash is still loose.” You should have a firm grip on your leash at all times. I’ve never had an issue in all my years using a gentle leader.

  9. It means if there's enough slack and if the dog suddenly bolts they're going to get nasty whiplash

  10. I see. You really shouldn’t be giving that much slack to begin with. The goal is to have your dog walk at your side, not way out in front or off doing their own thing. There are definitely proper ways to use the gentle leader, allowing too much slack sounds like user error.

  11. Makeup. I hate wearing makeup up dang it’s fun to watch people transform their faces.

  12. College didn’t set me up for a successful career

  13. I have a 10 digit pin. When I was in college, someone blew all of my money at a casino, I got an alert that I was $10k overdrawn. IMO a 4 digit pin isn’t enough for any amount of money

  14. I stole a donut from the teachers lounge.

  15. I get a massage once or twice a month. Not like a full spa day with all the frills, just a deep tissue massage where I can get an overall work up or, if I need, focus on really tense areas like neck, back, etc.

  16. Shania Twain - I feel like a woman

  17. My husband bites his nails, it’s a combo of anxiety and boredom. He’s gotten a lot better about it but tried a TON of different things to curb the habit. Most of his efforts include fidget toys, gum, taping his fingers to remind him not to bite, he even bought a bag of pen caps (yes, just caps) to chew on instead.

  18. You can’t blame the patriarchy for your shitty behavior. Cheating is wrong no matter how you look at it.

  19. Might be too soon, but the twin towers fell via controlled demolition.

  20. Baseball is only 3 innings. Or it’s only an hour long game.

  21. So ugly. I hate driving by this thing everyday.

  22. I really wanted to surf as a kid. I lived close enough to the beach and all my friends were surfers, but my family couldn’t afford a proper surf board.

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