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  1. I know a lot of people like him, but Lio Rush will never qualify as a dream match for me. I liked him with Lashley, but his social media outbursts and general flakiness have soured him for me.

  2. I just don't understand why they keep pushing "plays for you" mechanics without having a functioning bot AI

  3. I was going to curse him for getting such an opportunity, but I guess it's a karmic reward for doing the same with Mae Young.

  4. The crowd was so dead for this compared to Otis the Sex God

  5. I'm a casual basketball watcher but Draymond makes it hard to enjoy my local team succeeding

  6. Ok but who knows the song that plays at the end? I know I've heard it before but I can't remember what it is.

  7. It is disappointing getting bottom of the barrel characters like Jeff and Stegron when there are many actually popular outside of memes that don't have cards.

  8. I personally enjoy seeing more fringe characters get some time to shine. Do you think anyone gave a second thought to characters like Infinaut, Aero, and Typhoid Mary before Snap came out?

  9. Just don't buy it and they'll get the hint

  10. FYI: The variants will have no effect on being pool3 complete or not. Pool3 cards will come in at the same rate.

  11. I only have one pool 3 card left, but I still don't want to give up credits, tokens, or gold

  12. Unlike the winter one, I find myself holding onto my reserves because I don't like the steampunk aesthetic lol

  13. To this day I've never used the Thanos emote lol

  14. I've never used Thanos or Ms. Marvel. I use DP when I play something that instantly gets countered (like moving my Human Torch twice and then having it be Killmongered) and I use the fist bump at the end of the game.

  15. I use Ms Marvel if I do something cheeky or if they've already used it

  16. There's a bunch of amazing actors that are hard to work with though. Edward Norton for instance. Mike Meyers, Daniel Day-Lewis, Christian Bale, the list can go on for a while. As long as they're not abusing anyone then I can still root for them

  17. Your first example was someone who Marvel already dropped for being difficult to work with lmao

  18. There's other movies besides just Marvel lol. He was just in the Knives out sequel, Glass Onion.

  19. But we're also talking about Marvel specifically and if they're going to recast Kang

  20. I loved Party Down the first time, but I have too many other subscriptions to add another one solely for one show

  21. I avoided all trailers for reasons exactly like this lol

  22. Was just telling my wife on his recent press tour I saw him talk 3 or 4 different times about this mug he carries everywhere as a reminder that “no one can fill your own cup but you” or some mindful business. Was cute the first time but July 3 or 4 I was like “you gettin awful preachy my dude, now you gettin a little suspect with this.”

  23. They have to do a hundred press interviews about the same movie, I'll never fault anyone for repeating

  24. If your main draw was the stories, maybe just watch Off Topic?

  25. This was fun but WAY too short. No one really had time to actually get into the game and rage properly before they got shuffled off.

  26. They want us to sub to First that shows the full runs unfortunately

  27. I watched it on first a week ago and it was still short

  28. Wouldn't she get to 8 by the end of the game though? Or is the"after the turn" step the exact same as the "game ends" step?

  29. Oh whoops, I was too focused on locations lol

  30. As someone who doesn't really watch Impact, it's wild and impressive that one of WWEs Forgotten Sons has been built to the point of being a believable world champ. WWE really dropped the ball on that.

  31. Firstly, my entire theater cracked up when John fell down all 222 stairs

  32. What the fuck am I going to do with all these John Wick 5 shirts now???

  33. There's isn't an audience on the planet that is more fickle than gamers.

  34. If someone tries to call Jon Moxley a selfish wrestler then I immediately distrust anything they say

  35. I was upset he didn't write Just 5 Guys - 5 Guys

  36. This one is going over my head and this is the second time I’ve seen it mentioned (I thought the last guy was just bragging that he had pie to eat while watching).

  37. There's a commenter that always announces he has a slice of pie and his tv on, ready for whatever Star Wars the night holds

  38. Jamie and Roy's relationship is my favorite part of the entire series

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