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  1. This is a straightforward and wise reply. You’re right. I might get a friend to take some nice new photos for my OLD profile.

  2. Grey is attractive in men though. I have always dated older men even above your age range and the grey or slight “overweight” has never bothered me bc it’s inside that counts. Ppl have seen others I dated and they say “YOU dated THAT guy??” Bc they think the way I look means I only would date super “hot” guys but guess what a lot of those guys are douchebags but I do give some of them points for being funny af bc that’s important too

  3. We'd head up to our hunting camp because that's how we do it when we're up there. Two marine batteries will power the place for weeks and if we run out of food...we'll hunt.

  4. A battery for a boat. Hook it up to the fuse box and voila! lights and a tablet/Kindle charger for quite some time.

  5. Ah thank you for clarifying, that’s good to know

  6. Not sure this is worthy of this level of upset unless there’s other things going on in the relationship. But this isolated incident could just have been a misunderstanding

  7. Haha what's their purpose?! In grown toenails are the devil.

  8. Telephone Service Rep back in the 90's - Boring, and tedious because you're repeating the same script all day. Ever say the same thing 2000 times a day? It's the worst.

  9. I’d guess bc ppl already know this about Reddit? Idk tho

  10. I think it’s because there are at least 50% of people who would agree with you.

  11. Makes sense I guess, I’ve tried to post to that sub maybe two or three times and it got shut down for probably the same reason, not unpopular enough ha

  12. It will not be your biggest mistake to leave him, but the biggest mistake could be NOT to leave him and have this stuff get worse or more stuff come out and you’ll kick yourself for not doing it when you knew you should. Idk tho

  13. But do you think he could change? He hasn't messed up since that time and showed a lot of remorse. And thank you for your opinion

  14. I think people can change, but I also think some don’t so it’s really a roll of the dice and leap of faith I suppose

  15. Have you ever had a real panic attack? The feeling of total doom? Thoughts you never had before? No sleep? Its not something to joke about! I know!

  16. It’s not. It’s dead serious. I’ve had them and the real fear is indescribable. Not “I think I’m going to die”, it’s “I AM going to die”. Terrifying

  17. Tell me about it! Took me 40 years to find a doctor who understood my problems. My regular doctor put me on a simple antidepressant and bam! Much much better. Good luck to you my friend!

  18. Good luck to you too, I am so glad you’ve had improvement!!

  19. You said his name then asked what you should name him, just fyi ha

  20. Bc you’re obviously triggered by past energy in the family

  21. I think this one came from that appearance on Ellen where Michelle was dancing in white pants and there was something “different” about what’s between her legs, and right before Joan Rivers died, she was caught saying “Obama is gay and Michelle is a man”, also that time Obama called her Michael instead of Michelle at some press conference or something lol

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