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  1. I just failed a second IVF cycle and decided to take a mental health walk through a nearby park, only to be faced with a large family gathering for a 1st bday party. 😭

  2. Just coming out of my second IVF cycle with 0 blasts (first round none made it to blast, second round I had 2 which came back aneuploid)

  3. I was once getting my HCG drawn because I had cancer and HCG was a tumor marker for me, the person printing my labels goes "Oh you're getting HCG drawn, you must be pregnant! Congrats!"

  4. Holy fuck I'm so sorry. I hope you're ok. I'm a cancer survivor and going through IVF#2 after IVF#1 failed.

  5. Hahahah. I just saw the title and laughed so hard.

  6. What? This is a thing? Posting a cow's pregnancy test on FB?

  7. My SIL says it too!! What is it with these fertile people honestly? The NERVE.

  8. My best friend who has Endo and IF said the twins thing to me too. Who told everyone ART leads to twins? 🙄

  9. I literally just said "Oh, thank you" and stared into the void. I'm too exhausted to deal with this shit.

  10. Honestly I would not have been able to hold my tongue like you did. I'm sorry ❤️

  11. I did pause and was going to correct him, but I was too dumbfounded/hurt! Wish I would have in hindsight so he didn't inadvertently do it to others, but I just didn't have the strength in that moment. I legit think I'll write the clinic feedback inbox, mention the interaction and suggest that people get trained to not make personal comments on medical procedures.

  12. Yes, they really need to know that such interactions hurt. This should have never happened in the first place.

  13. Hahaha I'm a little sad I missed the donut drama.

  14. Retrieval day! I'm excited to get this over with because the bloat is out of control. I am very nervous for the hunger games though. Last time,

  15. Good luck beaver!! Sending all the good vibes your way

  16. Yikes! Just curious, what wasyour HCG level and whattype of cancer did you have? My wife has level 8-9 and we can't figure out why yet.

  17. Ovarian cancer (dysgerminoma). My level of HCG was constant at 45-100. I hope it's nothing too serious with your wife!

  18. My husband had testicular cancer so he has officially had a higher HCG level than I ever have

  19. Ugh I'm sorry ❤️ and thank you!

  20. Brb going to massage my husband's thighs and stop watching TV whether or not I'm ovulating

  21. Do you have any recommendations for funny movies? Plz only the ones that will get me pomegranate immediately only

  22. Omg I had a coworker who BROUGHT HER TEST TO WORK WITH HER TO CHECK IF IT WAS POSITIVE. The lengths some people go...

  23. That's fucked up. Who carries a stick they peed on to work so they can show it to others.

  24. We only got one mature and that one didn't make it to blast. It still stings, but then people complain they only got 20 eggs. So unfair.

  25. I'm so sorry 😔 this gif is hilarious though 😂😂

  26. I went through chemo, and IVF, can't imagine going through both at the same time. I'm so so sorry. I'm here if you need hugs, or just someone to talk to.

  27. I'm an ovarian cancer survivor. I did not freeze my eggs before chemo.

  28. That response makes no sense! It's devastating to have IVF as the only option, especially when you've been told your whole life that "having sex gets you immediately pregnant"

  29. Holy shit, what? Are they missing the logical part of their brain?

  30. "You're going to have twins!" 🙄🙄

  31. I cringed so hard when I read "It happened when we least expected it and had no stress" 🙄

  32. I'm sorry your cycle was cancelled. I did the same thing when mine was cancelled (due to 0 blasts), it took me a week to get back to taking them.

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