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  1. It's probably a PSA 6 so not worth grading, but still a nice card. I'd suggest to check prices on TCGPlayer and learn how to identify condition of cards (for example this one has a lot of whitening at the back)

  2. If its for opening purposes I'd recommend Sleeved Boosters of Fates Collide, BreakPoint etc. Those are all pretty cheap and guaranteed to be unweight

  3. Should’ve seen that one coming, which ones cause naive 11 year old me didn’t care about that then😂

  4. Happens to the best of us^ The easiest ones to spot are the Lv.X cards with yellow border. The Bastodion from one of the last pages is definitely fake, you can see that the font of it is different from normal. That's why I assume that the Giratina Lv.63 might also be fake.

  5. Where to sell them ? I’m leaving in Malta . Here not a lot of people are collecting … I have spent more than 50k euro on pulls last year :)

  6. Seems unlucky to me. I think the packaging is fine and appropriate. These damages can always happen

  7. Yup. EX cards wouldn’t be bad if they at the least included a background with the Pokémon. The Pokémon could still be popping out of the border they just need to scale it correctly and include a background that isn’t just a plain color. I just don’t understand what’s so difficult to combine what’s good about ex, Lv. X, EX, GX, and V cards and put them into one card, it’s like they refuse to put effort into cards that aren’t of the highest rarity (alt arts) anymore

  8. I think its a tactical move from them. Keeping lower tier pulls disappointing will make you crave the ones with good art like alt arts etc. even more

  9. The correct answer is Ho-Oh. Would have made such an epic Alt Art.

  10. People picking Gyarados is interesting to me because I would have told you that there were way too many of them recently lol. I'm only now realizing that he was mostly represented in S/M.

  11. I would have loved a Gyarados Alt Art in Pokemon Go referencing the Loading Screen of the game

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