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  1. Why is it shaped like Turkey (the country)

  2. Canned tuna is actually my fav food lol

  3. Honestly my family. And my love for animals. Everytime I felt like I couldn't take it anymore I came across a animal (birds mostly) that needed my help and I helped them, remember that someone could need your help.

  4. Went into therapy, found a new hobby (started working out), cutted 5 inches off of my hair (idk why but this one really helped!). Oh and I also payed more attention to my religion, but I know that's not for everyone, perhaps some mindfullness or yoga? Something to feed your soul with :)

  5. People getting almost mad at you if you're insecure about yourself.

  6. A 1.5 year old unopened box of "grow-it-yourself coffee beans!".

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