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  1. This is probably the monster that was mentioned in Kuro 1(that one of thr Heiyue families had)

  2. If you are referring to the conversation that happens

  3. No, it's not. They literally talk about having some secret weapon they don't want to use while those are in the room clearly being used and not being secret

  4. I dislike several moments. Moments where the dub voice performances don't transmit the same way as the japanese, and foolish localization choices that change aspects of a character or scene. Causing undue detriment to players of either sub or dub.

  5. Looking at the silver haired girl with Lataoya, and the patterning on her sleeves it is very nice to see Sherid's sister properly showing up.

  6. The way Xseed weirded it up with making it specifically about "fresh scent", when there is no mention of this in the original script.

  7. Do you really think I would bother writing all this just to bait people? I know the things are explained and my issue is how they are explained

  8. I mean, i have seen posts with the same tone and argument construction as yours, and they turn out to be exactly that. These don't seem to be an issue with "how it was explained" to me, some of these are just wrong or missing the point, and by the end simply intentionally reductive:

  9. This post title is in itself a spoiler for people trying to avoid Kuro info.

  10. This is a great idea for a topic, but sadly no big examples come to mind. I guess I could mention the whole Rean/Elise thing in Trails of Cold Steel.

  11. Sorry but would you mind mentioning which game you're replying about? I haven't played the Utawarerumono games yet so I dunno if it's okay for me to click on the spoiler.

  12. Interestingly enough, in one of Shizuna's screenshots, she is curios to compare Kurogane's weapon '十字車輪剣' and '偃月輪', which is actually Kilika's weapons, the chakram. I'm very excited if this means they are facing off against her. Of course, could be she simply backs them up on a mission and, although i think it is less likely, this could be some high quality bait and it turns out it is just a chakram wielding NPC.

  13. Finally, the actual answer, in one of these replies.

  14. I prefer Shizuna's design from Kuro I. Also I don't know if Kasim here is confirmed as playable (or just a boss) but if that's the case that's pretty great considering how strong he is.

  15. In one of his Craft's screenshot you can see the players hit chain bonus, in blue, so at the very least an AI guest.

  16. Because it is another great Kiseki entry, just like always.

  17. Long as she dials down the flirting, which seems likely if Rean isn't there, I'd be okay with that. That dragged down what was otherwise an interesting character. Kill that annoying behavior, maybe dial down the "a teenager is somehow a military/political/strategic genius on the level of established master strategists" factor a bit, and I could see bringing her back. Not really sure what more needs to be done with her character, though. Maybe if they bring an older version of her back in the eventual "climax of the Zemuria arc" part, her plotting ability will actually be more justified.

  18. Great to see Risette's coworker friend, and she is actually using the gift from the Connect Event and credits. I'm curious to see how Renne's new Buster Cannon craft will be translated without Pater-Mater.

  19. I think both of them are hired by Marduk. In Ikaruga route of Kuro 1, I remember Shizuna said both of them had same client.

  20. The localization is going to have a very hard time with this area since it basically IS one big, unflattering stereotype: a shopping mall/casino with exotic food and dancing girls, all the technology and culture is provided by foreigners (notice there are no local filmmakers at the awards show), etc etc. There's even a bit where two tourist girls get high on shisha and start stripping in public. Honestly it felt like watching a Hollywood film from the 50s with how dated it is and how it compacts vast regions of the world together (what kind of traditional restaurant serves both masala chai and hummus?). The fact they chose to use the name of an actual six-star hotel as the site for

  21. His own thoughts, to be precise. Lechter didn't really change sides after CS3 ending. He was always on Gilliath's side, and only sometimes did things that benefited Rean and the others. After those events, he just snapped and went "bad boy 100%".

  22. Hence most of those are better justified/explained. And to be fair, I wasn't a fan of Renne either until Zero. I'm not expecting realistic characters by any stretch but a genius scythe wielding 11 year old part of an evil secret society really did push my suspension of disbelief. Only a little bit in Sky 3rd and more so in Zero did I start thinking Renne was actually a good character, where they explore her story even more.

  23. The point is: Renne only had a full justification of anything in the third game she appeared in, and you are already thinking that Musse 'has no explanation' in the game where she is introduced, and no situation where this could be a focus took place.

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