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  1. You can't get multiple of something you like? I have a bunch of Gio's they're not getting resold or traded. I just really like gargoyles and wanted a small army of them. Are people so obsessed with the collecting aspect of squishmallows they can only have 1 of everything in their collection and can't just get what they enjoy even if it's the same thing and doesn't add to a "collection" in being unique?

  2. I can definitely make a two headed friend for you if you have a couple of bears in mind! Feel free to DM me to discuss

  3. I LOVE the frogs but I completely agree it's too many too quickly. Especially wanting to collect them all. I'm not saying never release another frog, just slow down!

  4. I have legitimately always wanted a 1,000 paper cranes for most of my life and never been able to accomplish them myself! These make me so insanely happy there isn't even words! And thank you so much to

  5. Congrats on an awesome trade, these are so cool!

  6. Thank you! And I agree lol! Now I just have to figure out where to hang them!

  7. Also thank you to the community for helping me pick out a bear for this! The heart monkey was the perfect idea!

  8. Omg your dog looks like the real life dog version of growlithe!

  9. Pro tip the baby lamb they put out for Easter this year looks like his baby!

  10. You are very right! I have one, i just didn’t think to add her to the pic, I was just admiring how sweet his lil face was and wanted to share him. 😊

  11. It is the sweetest! I love the farmers market sheep! It's one of my favorites!

  12. Side note, put him in front of a mirror and see if he tries to rub it off.

  13. I don’t know of any tutorials but just like there are more than one way to skin a cat. There are many ways to manipulate puppets, rod style with trigger controls, rod style with strings, just strings etc. You will have to try many different ways till you find the correct combo that will work best for you. Manipulating puppets is very hard on your body, in my troop we had back aches, hand and arm pain and other joint issues from being in awkward positions. Just start by researching manipulation devices and go from there.

  14. Yeah for sure. I was just looking for general mechanic designs for a walking rod puppet to have somewhere to start with. I've always been great at the artistic side of puppet making (I'm a plush artist by trade), but I have less experience with mechanical design and feel like I always design things that work, but in the worst possible way to design something and it still be able to work. 😅 So I'm trying to build more off of what others have already designed this time due to the scale of this one.

  15. Okay I know this is supposed to be about the beads but I need more pictures of the bird of the month wall.

  16. PA is known to have the strictest child safety laws for toys in the US. They forbid toys to be made of anything expect all new materials. Since the bunny is made from recycled materials it can't be legally sold in PA. OH also has pretty strict laws if I remember right, just not as bad as PA.

  17. I could possibly do this depending on your sewing experience/skill level. I'm self taught so my patterns aren't the most reader friendly as far as directions go. But I'm a very experienced plush pattern maker!

  18. Looks like before thy sew the pieces of the pattern togeather they did a top stitch on the horns flat peice. When stuffed, the fabric stretches but not the top stitch, causing the bulg and ring look ♡

  19. In addition to this you can do a top stitch and not do locking stitches on the end then pull the bottom thread like you would in a gather. Should causes the fabric to bunch up on itself creating a more dramatic version of this!

  20. Those overalls are everything! You could totally start selling custom ones if you wanted!

  21. I have ADHD. I'm not sure if I'm talking to my BABs, myself, or just an imaginary audience most of the time honestly. 😅 But I definitely process everything through by talking it out even when I'm alone.

  22. The point is that Top Sugery scars ARE NOT AT ALL NSFW. and you a reaching pretty far to say supporting BaB in general is still supporting JKR becus of their collab when trans people like myself have been very vocal to BaB that the collab is unacceptable. You literally sound like the guy who goes "you complain about society yet LIVE in a society! curious!" Go rest your arm bud it must be hurtin from the reach !

  23. I absolutely agree top surgery scars are NOT NSFW. I said a BAB after dark sub should not become the place that LGBTQ+ content is supposed to go. That comment was in regards to BAB creating adult themed clothes for bears. If you look at the examples I listed.

  24. Then can you please explain to me why it's okay to hold people to higher moral standards than we hold a company and why we aren't orginazing a boycott against BAB?

  25. So I think clarity would be helpful. Are posts regarding top surgery scars allowed or not? Was removing the post a mistake, enlight of realizing how it could negatively affect a community, do you stand by having done so?

  26. Yeah that part is entirely unclear. Banning top scars is a slippery slope to banning other things.

  27. I think we need to give mods a chance to respond and clarify. To me it really isn't clear are top surgery scars banned or not. They seem to regret removing the post (one even said they agree it shouldn't have been deleted) because they didn't realize the harm doing so could cause. So I'm hoping that means they aren't banned, but it's just not clear. Which I understand. Communication is hard on the internet. When there's chaos and a lot of uproar and emotions involved things can easily get misunderstood. That's why I think its best to ask questions for clarity without making assumptions before we pass any judgments.

  28. Now if only Indianapolis took good enough care of their side walks my electric wheelchair could manage them, or Uber/lyfts/taxis took my electric wheelchair.

  29. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate your posts and I’m so glad I found this convo! I have the exact same frustrations with all the cat bloggers and behavior specialists who characterize low-energy bullying as “fights” and insist on positive-only training. There’s very little out there in the way of alternative approaches and I understand this because a lot of pet owners honestly shouldn’t be and it takes a skilled eye and impeccable timing to use something like a vibration collar effectively. But still - I shouldn’t have to scour the internet only to find 5 month old thread buried on Reddit to see I’m not alone in my experience and that there IS hope.

  30. Yes! Reading cat body language can be very tricky. Dogs are much more straight forward and simple. So it's definitely easy to mess it up and I can totally understand why a lot of people advocate against it because to a lot of people cats aren't expressive. They can't understand them. But if you know cat body language and particularly how YOUR cat communicates negative reinforcement absolutely can work and be safe and healthy for cats. Like I'd never advocate for dogs in expect in terms of safety because again that the survival instinct. Animals are supposed to learn something is extremely dangerous and life threatening by negative reinforcement. And physical safety out weighs everything in my book. But cats are just such different creatures.

  31. Yes I’ve been using gabapentin since about September or October. Juniper is hyper vigilant and anxious but not necessarily over active. Happy Meal has a TON of energy when she’s able to roam around the house while Juniper chills in the bedroom or office. But she has a healthy fear of a juniper that I doubt would result in that energy being used to pester or bully Juniper. I just got a nest bed like one I had in the old apartment and put it near my desk and the bird feeder on the window and Juniper is happy as a clam right now with Happy out in the house. I think continuing to cafify the house in ways juniper feels more safe while using the collar during socialization practice has to lead to good or at least better things.

  32. Of course! I've also found it really helpful to give each cat their own room the other cat doesn't go in. They can work out territory everywhere else in the house, but the doors to those two rooms are always closed when they're out so they can't get in each other's space. It gives a safety and destressor to know okay, I do have a place to retreat to that I know I'll never have to deal with the other animal and be in defense and they don't even have to smell each other in that space.

  33. The have little felt hearts! No worries they are not soulless 🤣

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