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  1. Richard, since Dennis is a Richardson

  2. Where is this? My last name is Boeke and I've never seen it anywhere. It being next to the word cum is doubly exciting, lol!

  3. South Africa! Boeke just means books in Afrikaans. So hello sir or lady Books 💁🏻‍♀️

  4. Its a Licensed bong, lol sounds funny but whoever made that design made a license for other company’s to use that design and they still get some money out of it. So really anyone could slap a sticker on the bong and sell it

  5. If you're within a 3 hour drive from Indianapolis, I'm willing to come buy one of these. I loooove buttercream frosting.

  6. I’m in Africa, I think it’s a little over 3 hours :(

  7. I hope it was the best street dog in the world, what did he get on it? I’ve always wanted to try an NY street dog. We don’t have these, but we have a lot of boerewors (South African sausage) and pancake stalls everywhere

  8. I'm a NYC native. We call them dirty water dogs because they sit in the same water all day. By the end of the day that water looks nasty AF. But they are tasty, NGL.

  9. This isn’t just butt crack. This is the Grand Canyon.

  10. This is way better than nothing at all. I’m guessing you cooked yourself? Or at least put some prep into it. That’s a big step. It’s gonna get better, and so will the meals. Best of luck OP, may it get easier day by day.

  11. Have you baked any cupcakes with the rest of it?

  12. Care to share which butter cream you used to make such beautiful flowers?

  13. It’s our own secret recipe since we do sell these cupcakes, but I do love Swiss meringue buttercream - there’s lots of recipes online! And it’s really delicious

  14. These are amazing! Those roses are the perfect shade, I need them for my garden!

  15. Thank you so much! I would definitely buy a pack of Russian nozzles and a piping nail at first, and practise piping with those. The rose is probably easiest to learn first because you start from the centre (make a little blob) and then work around it with the petals. I’ll post a video as soon as I can since people are interested! What people have said below is really helpful as well.

  16. Could you put a current dollar value on them for us?

  17. Bacon, feta, avo. A righteous combination. Can’t believe it never caught on elsewhere. My missus and I have to make our own version in the UK.

  18. Really? That was my pizza, such a delicious combo! It’s my go-to

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