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I needed this today

  1. There is a game by Play N Go that’s just a wild north reskin. I can’t think of the name right now but it’s got lots of skulls in it.

  2. I thought that was just a movie thing, you could just go to security without a plane ticket? Seems crowded.

  3. My dad used to take me and my siblings to the airport sometimes to just sit and watch the planes take off. It was super fun (very young age) but yeah 9/11 no more

  4. I don’t know the answer to your question, BUT I will say setting up custom formats was a game changer for me.

  5. You're telling me this is 10 years? Bruh you're gonna get like 5 dollars for that. This is like my amount of cans every 2 months.

  6. I definitely think you should say something though if a day or two has passed, not like you have anything to lose. Personally I never do and just accept that I got ghosted.

  7. I feel like you absolutely do have something to lose after a day or two.

  8. The “Hey!” after less than 24 hours could have been what did it. Didn’t even give her a day to answer your question.

  9. Is the series good?It didnt get stellar review from where other top of the table british series get like Broadchurch, Line of duty,Taboo or Happy Valley etc...

  10. It was, in my opinion, absolutely a huge waste of time I did not care for it at all.

  11. This isn’t an isolated incident. It’s become a repeated pattern of behaviour. Thank goodness I got lifetime ultra in a sale way back and aren’t subjected to this bullshit, but it seems like the only posts here that gain enough traction to make it into my feed are about Christians newest fuck up. It’s all been downhill since pixel pets

  12. You are right though. The only posts I ever see from the sub are issues people have with the dev.

  13. Pretty sure the only rule most amateurs follow is that it's supposed to touch the chest

  14. I deleted mine the moment someone stole my card information and bought 120 dollars in food.

  15. If someone stole your card and bought $120 worth of stuff at Walmart would you call Walmart and expect them to refund it?

  16. Paypal is easy if you login to their site there's a section where you can view and cancel subscriptions.

  17. Seems OP doesn’t know about this and it should be the top comment

  18. Everyone saying threesome with this person or that person, just give me a 3 way with any two girls above a 4 who wouldn’t capsize a rowboat and my bucket list will be complete.

  19. Why do people think “being funny” means insulting the other person? If the only “funny” comment you can think of is a direct insult then you’re not funny and should move on.

  20. You’re claiming to casually be 3-4% body fat?

  21. Not only that, but was at 6% and decided “nah this ain’t good enough” lol

  22. My man put his penis into the butthole of a human with a dick and balls hanging an inch away from it.

  23. He had sex with a biological male who presents as a woman.

  24. That’s compatible, but if it were me I’d get that thing replaced.

  25. Not only does it look old, but most of the time as time goes by, these transformers will drop in voltage and the minimum required for most Nest or video doorbells in general is 16v. Also it somehow appears as though they’ve ran twisted pairs of cat5 wire for it which is not good at all. Recommend gauge for doorbell wire is 18 gauge, cat5 is 24. And when twisted it actually hurts it rather than helps it.

  26. If you don't want to sit through the whole thing, because why would you, I ended with a 6,000x square with one life let.

  27. Few things, as the other guy said, some companies will have a robot call you on power failure and/or low battery, but it’s all about how your panel is programmed and how your account is set up.

  28. You have to either be a kid under age of 12 or mentally ill to enjoy his content.

  29. This is 100% because of her titty slip a while back. Didn't hear a peep about this until that happened. I agree revenge porn is shitty but people shouldn't get into trouble for just possessing it imo. Sets a dangerous precedent. I think people just need better educated on the potential things that could happen when they throw their nudes into the internetosphere. As for just normal revenge porn with bf/gf. That's already illegal.

  30. Similar to how distribution of copyrighted material is illegal, but AFAIK it's not illegal to posses it.

  31. Thats what I mean. Like would any other streamer get that taken down instantly from here?

  32. "Unintentional Nudity" has been banned from LSF for years now.

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