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  1. When lied about the school they bombed and said it was harboring ammunition. The UN found no such evidence after they examined the area.

  2. The UN most definitely found these rockets after examining the area:

  3. Nothing new, but still very important to bring to the front pages here.

  4. Because the discussion here is about the ME, specifically Israel. There is no symmetry in this argument. A very basic point you should have understood.

  5. Uhmm, no. The discussion in this thread is about a skewed poll. I know this because I started this thread. You want symmetry, try getting along

  6. I can see that logic and reading are not your strong suits. Do try to read more carefully the discussion and the original post.

  7. IAEA Report Finds Japan’s Measurements of the Treated Water to be Discharged from Fukushima Daiichi Accurate and Precise

  8. Not denying that. Back then people used whatever to cook, clean or build. Today we know what chemicals to avoid yet we allow it in our environment anyway.

  9. Can't be more wrong. Many people get cancer with 0 external agents involved. The natural cell reproduction process that happens every second in your body causes cancer. Reducing external carcinogens today is a fraction of the solution.

  10. Well, yeah, if we ever 'cure' cancer, it will be like this. A specific treatment for a single or small related group of cancers that works really well, then you move on to the next one. It's extremely unlikely one thing will work for all of them.

  11. Not as unlikely as you think. There have been (and still going) a few avenues of treatment that could stop cancer from occurring, and maybe even reverse it. Duplication of tumor suppressing genes (genetic therapy), viruses that are engineered to attack cancer cells, and marking of cancer cells for the immune system (that can't see these cells by itself) are the ones I'm aware of.

  12. No terrorist organization surrenders its weapons willingly, and Hezbollah is no exception. Their weapons allow them to control Lebanon, and they've been involved in everything from sending mercenaries, to drug trafficking to assassinations just to keep funding their illegal paramilitary and ensure its survival. The only way to take back Lebanon is a joint effort between the Lebanese govt and an external force, but I'm not sure if anyone has the motivation to help them.

  13. Hezbollah won't give up its weapons willingly. Asking nicely won't work. They're going to fight to the death to keep their weapons. The only way to get rid of them would be for the Lebanese government to cooperate with Israel in a joint operation to eliminate Hezbollah. However, I highly doubt the Lebanese politicians will be able to put their hatred of Jews aside to save their country. They hate Jews more than they love their own people, so Lebanon will continue being a shithole.


  15. They both use the US Iron Dome missile defence system tho don't they?

  16. Coming to you from the same country that owns and talks through Al-Jazeera, the Qatari propaganda paper.

  17. This is just Israel distracting from its attacks on its own democracy and the crimes against Palestinians.

  18. People stopped believing that when the Palestinians started sending 13 and 15 year-olds to shoot and stab Jews in the street.

  19. Would like to see Qatar's Al-Jazeera defense of the Qatari government. When the world cup scandal happened there with the slaves and the thousands of deaths, AJ was very quiet. Anything that comes out of them in respect to the ME tends to be bogus.

  20. Accusation of formerly civilian ships, no? At least, it seems to be stating that these once were commercial vessels that have been acquired and repurposed; not that they are currently commercial vessels that, say, are also carrying Guardsmen or their agents while still going about their mercantile business.

  21. They were civilian ships that were taken/bought by the government and fitted with military equipment, but still operate as civilian ships with respect to markings and (allegedly) transponder codes. Using civilians guises for military actions is very common for Iran and other terrorist organizations like Hamas and Hezbollah.

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