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That looks so good

  1. I roughed it out with a lathe then had carved the rest

  2. Not yet. I am working on putting one together. If you'd like to see more you can checkout my Instagram page @carboncycle_carvings and if you see anything you like you can Dm me.

  3. I was making a video for my YouTube channel to show how this works and thought I’d share. There’s a challenge in my fb group ‘Learn to Make Cheese’

  4. And Cheesus said "let the Pope of Provolone watch over you"

  5. I'm a teacher. Feel free to PM me. I'd be happy to talk.

  6. I stopped by there yesterday. Great fresh cider. Can't wait to have the fermented stuff!

  7. Be careful with lacewood. I had an allergic reaction/rash on my skin after working with it.

  8. Jesus wouldn't care. Jesus wore sandals and a linen dress. Jesus hung with lepers, sex workers and outcasts. Jesus washed the feet of the poor.

  9. I hear he was a capricorn, who ate organic food

  10. For sure! That is how cheese has been made for most of our history.

  11. Though I wouldn't be surprised if some cultures are developed so they lose potency over time.

  12. Nice! Wait until it's literally ready to fall off the tree, or put a bag around it to catch it, then it's ready. Has to look like a near rotten banana.

  13. You can pick them early and let them ripen offthe tree. Put them in a bag with bananas.

  14. I’m a noob and would love a great start with these books! Giveaway

  15. I have zero clue. I’m newish to the Midwest (central Indiana) and since my arrival here from Florida this scent has been everywhere. And I can bloody pinpoint it. Off to google milkweeds and save some pics for cross referencing on my next hike (tomorrow probs)

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