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  1. That’s what I’m paying for 4 years of uni 😭😭

  2. I have a question, when you selected where there like multiple spaces or was it just your name? I am wondering bc I’m dsp and on the offers it showed me single spaces. I remember seeing during self select example like a drop down menu and it looked like you were almost picking a bed space with a roommate except you don’t know who the roommate is

  3. Co-op self select was today (or yesterday now goddamn I need to go to bed)

  4. Yea I just selected as well and it was for today did not get an offer yet tho

  5. let me tell u it’s really varies good and bad.. and you don’t really get to choose which one you live in

  6. I have a question, I have DSP and eop and applied to live in one of their houses, do you think I got priority for their singles in the fall? I’m also going to live in one of their houses in the summer :)

  7. Thank u sm fr :) idk how it’s rlly like so this made me feel secure

  8. I bought a rlly cute igirl x lil miquela neckace! tbh best purchase It’s kind of like a rare thing and not rlly marketed under igirl but I thought it was so cool and got the necklace for like $25

  9. So you are a guy? Man up then. The world is not all rainbows, take it on the chin.

  10. Jaundice is rlly impacting ur communication skills bruh

  11. Future investment- deal with the stench now to get rich later

  12. sounds like some CS major was pointing a gun at ur head to write this 😭

  13. I personally reccomend staying away from the Berkeley group housing. They have onsite RAs and have some pretty strict rules enforced at the beginning of the semester. They have quiet hours and you can’t do your laundry during certain hours, they are pretty strict about guests too if you like to have guests over. Not too sure about 2425 though but the things I mentioned above are true for all of their properties. I think it’s way too overpriced and you have to do chores on top of that I believe for their smaller properties— which they can fine you if you don’t do. basically responsible for cleaning up after others which I don’t like lol

  14. It’s better just to look for like some cheap apartments or apply to a co-op for fall or summer housing there’s still time for fall

  15. Berkeley botanical garden or just walk around campus for fun

  16. Letters of rec usually mean that you’re on the brink of getting accepted or not. Wishing you the best of luck when admissions decisions come out!

  17. Keep in mind that they send out the letter requests to only 15% of their applicants- they are not sending them out to people they arent entirely sure about- they would just waitlist them. It gives low income and underrepresented students a chance to be on the same field as those who went to better performing schools. :) just some more information since most people seem to be kind of misinformed about the letter of rec requests.

  18. This one is actually not necessarily true. I got one as well when I applied but it depends on your context. I think most people who come from underserved communities and schools, low income, or are minorities and low income will receive the letter of rec. request. I ended up getting accepted and so did other people at my school who got it :)

  19. As someone who loves both AJR and TØP, I'm confused by why you think AJR is bland. I find them quite unique and enjoy their emphasis on sounds and combinations. If you don't mind explaining I'd enjoy seeing your viewpoint.

  20. The lyrics are too basic, the instrumental is nothing unique it sounds like stuff I hear on the radio. Too preppy of a sound and nothing very introspective. Even tho ASAP ROCKY and tøp make somewhat different music, they got more in common w/ eachother than AJR does w/ tøp

  21. I'll have to take your word for it then, I rarely listen to radio. Although I will agree with you that TØP and AJR shouldn't be seen as very similar, as they are too different. Might just be how I can relate to their music that causes me to see them as more unique than the (few) other songs I hear on the radio. I guess you could say I use them to even out the mood music I enjoy from TØP.

  22. I reccomend checking out Jon Bellion, I feel like he executes better whatever AJR is trying to do. Listen to Mah’s Joint ft. Quincy Jones by Jon Bellion

  23. they told me I had no chance to get into college period … rude as hell now I am so

  24. take more, get a good view somewhere on campus, convince yourself you are a god. Then, drop out of berkeley--why would YOU need a degree? Then, make a post on linkedin thanking everyone for the wisdom and life experience you've gained

  25. I need a degree because I’m a first generation student who needs to provide my family and myself with what they couldn’t provide me

  26. I was just fuckin around. I'm sure your family is very proud of you, good luck with midterms and whatnot

  27. Retake equivalent courses at a cc for 1 semester and tell berkeley

  28. do you have any update on how manageable keeping a good gpa is? i’m thinking of going to cal if i get in but i’m not so sure after hearing all of this

  29. Tbh the courses I’m taking are fine but I’m enjoying them and I find it pretty manageable

  30. rejected from UC Irvine, a whole bunch of liberal art colleges in Ohio( Denison, Kenyon) and got into Berkeley lol 😄

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