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  1. That's probably about right. I found the 11.2 at duty free in Frankfurt for about that price in November.

  2. Interesting. It’s going for $400 or so on secondary market so I was surprised to see it.

  3. Figures. I wonder how it is. I heard the 7.2 was absurdly good but I’ve only ever had the 12.1.

  4. There is a classy way to handle this. If truly nothing appeals to you, have a beer or wine or just nothing. Don’t be an asshole about it.

  5. GlenAllachie, Talisker 11, or that Arran hiding in the background.

  6. I'm big into most Islay scotches, Ardbeg, Laphroaig, Bunnahabhain, but also enjoy Benromach, Dalwhinnie, Balvenie etc when I'm not in the mood for the smoke.

  7. Benromach seems hard to find in the US and it’s clearly getting more popular. K&L Wines in Hollywood was out of their Ben 11 year barrel pick when I went in a few weeks ago. I’d look at getting a distillery exclusive cask strength from them at the distillery since you’re going. I’ve heard Blair Athol is essentially impossible to find in the US as well so I’d think about that too.

  8. Except it looks like she attempted the Karen haircut by herself with a pair of kitchen scissors.

  9. “You are now invading Ukraine. Please turn around.”

  10. “Starting route to Putin’s dacha. Would you like bring handcuffs or something more lethal?”

  11. Any gotchas with using Uber or Lyft? Driver availability, lag between request and arrival?

  12. 1966! That’s fantastic. Great review. The umami + plum sounds incredible.

  13. Original Douglas Laings can be so good. To put it in perspective, this is slightly above the median of the ones I've had.

  14. Eat loads of garlic before you go because it’s the best midge repellent. Skye in June is crazy busy, so prebook any place you plan to stay. The Cuillins are insanely beautiful. Look out for otters. Try to find the dinosaur footprints. It will stay light until at least 10pm, but if you stay up you can see all the stars in the sky.

  15. Look it for otters as in a cool thing to see, or they mess with your stuff?

  16. They are neither silent nor a majority.

  17. Wasn’t there something in the Constitution about governments not prohibiting speech? 🤔

  18. It’s either McChord doings drills or aliens. Flights don’t line up like that for SeaTac

  19. What do you mean, flights don’t line up like that for SeaTac? They do, 10000%. I see it all the time. Source: I am a pilot.

  20. Is being a pilot scary? I've never been on a plane but it looks scary for someone that's afraid of heights

  21. I get excited every time I fly. But not scared.

  22. Lagavulin 16 was my original favorite but Corryvreckan might have taken over the top spot. I’ve always been curious about the 8 so will definitely have to try it now. Have you tried the 11?

  23. Which one? I’ve tried the Guinness and the Charred Cask. Both delicious in very different ways. I got a kind of chocolate off the former and a very deep loamy vegetal note on the later. Beautiful whiskies.

  24. Quick, do a review before they take it down.

  25. I met my wife on OkCupid! of all things.

  26. Agreed but in most swing states for presidential elections the variance is <3%- so if 1.5% additional republicans vote democrat or 6% less republicans turn up, roughly, the states would swing blue. Similar outcomes for Senate too- but congress the gerrymandering bs has really poisoned the well there

  27. You’re assuming a large percentage of these 13% vote.

  28. If online is an option, I’ve seen Glenallachie 10cs and Glendronach cs on the whisky world recently in the $60s/$70s. Of course there’s shipping you have to pay too, but both of those would probably be in a similar league to A’Bunadh.

  29. The batch 35 I had in the fall was a standout among over 30 whiskies I tasted that evening. I’ve heard quality has fallen but if it’s even remotely comparable I’m still tempted at $100.

  30. That would be a pretty old bottle right? Like mid 2000s? Probably going to be hard to find a comp to that now. People seem to complain that the quality has fallen off over the years. Whiskybase comparisons are probably your best bet.

  31. Yeah, probably pretty old. The WhiskyBase was surprisingly lukewarm on that one. I’ll have think about this some more…

  32. This is why I want nothing to do with Missouri. Fuck that place.

  33. Thanks for the mini-review! A store near me has a mis-priced bottle for only $58. I assume you would pick it up?

  34. In a second. That’s badly mispriced.

  35. These are the same people who sent me a 757 type certificate after I finished and submitted my 737 type (and I didn’t make a typo). Emailed them and got the replacement a week later. 😬

  36. It was surprising. It was also funny how there was no explanation or apology - just the corrected card.

  37. And he’ll still vote for him when it comes down to it.

  38. I always put the neck in a shoe and wrap the bottle with jeans. Never had an issue!

  39. Nice review. I tried this last year and was very surprised by the quality as well given the age. Talisker had better watch out.

  40. I thought this was Caol Ila or Talisker when I tried it. My third favorite of the semi blind flight behind Octomore 12.1 and Port Charlotte Islay Barley and above Kilchoman 100% Islay 9th Ed and Spey Fumare.

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