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To arrest teenagers for jaywalking

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  1. Simple, they asked all the judges if they could read.

  2. Thinking for myself broke the bonds of conservatism. And it was all the hate for homosexuals that turned me atheist. And I'm not gay. But why an all powerful, all knowing supreme being would create something that is an abomination unto himself is beyond my comprehension. Either God is an idiot or not so all powerful and all knowing after all.

  3. A 2010 Dodge Ram 3500 ST L6 - 6.7L 408ci DIESEL MFI Turbocharged vin L type ETJ - 4 valve OHV

  4. Thanks! Wish I could share a photo, it was super cute.

  5. The chocolate factory called. Charlie is missing an oompa loompa. There's a $10 reward for his safe return.

  6. I did my masters degree in the UK and they made my visa expire before I could even attend graduation. I didn't get to "graduate" from my degree because they make you leave pretty immediately after you finish. They don't even want you working there with your advanced degrees

  7. He didn’t even mention how humble he is.

  8. Women and gay men bungholes. Straight men, no. No regulation needed. /s

  9. "Don't keep score." My ex-wife's boss from her job when we got married wrote that in the card he included with his gift. I never did because of that card. She's an ex-wife because she kept score. I had one more sexual partner than her and she wanted to fuck another guy. I noped out of a 21 year marriage.

  10. Their hands in their pockets in Ohio in February?!?!? Must be doing something illegal and not just cold. Ffs

  11. And looking both ways before crossing a street must be illegal in Ohio too.

  12. I thought she was 13 and “he thought” that she was 17

  13. God bless the cameraman who is now divorced. Way to take one for the team.

  14. It is nice to see a prominent republican come out in favor of legalizing sex work though.

  15. Next they'll be legalizing same sex child molestation.

  16. Introducing the next contestant on my 600 pound life

  17. Thankfully my rent only went up $50. Probably because I've been a very good tenant for 3 years now. My rent would be $600 more to move into a comparable house. I may rent here until I die because I will never be able to afford a house and I make significantly more than minimum wage. It's disgusting.

  18. I'd caption your picture with "If Harry Potter and Jesus had a love child"

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