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  1. look above the exhaust probably loose heat shield my 4Runner made similar sounds when turning first time it was the heat shield around the cat second time it was a long piece of metal between the exhaust pipe and the bottom of the car don't touch exhaust parts right after turning car off they are hot

  2. Seriously. Maybe it’s the hinged trigger? I don’t know because my M&P 2.0 compact is a fantastic handgun.

  3. I wish my glock had a hinged trigger. I like the trigger on my PSA dagger far more than my gen 5 19

  4. If a cop nicely asks to fuck your sister you gonna allow that? They make us register and have an id for a reason lmao they make us pay dmv registration for a reason they use tax dollars to pay for the systems that have our info in there based on DOB and last name. With DOB name and any of your recent addresses you should be more than good lol

  5. I'm not saying they need more info however I know a few people that has given false info before. If I had a warrant and they accepted last name address and date of birth I could tell them 5 different names with DOB's and addresses

  6. if someone gives you a name, address, and DOB that matched the car's registration what do you think the likelihood is that the name is fake?

  7. So my brother-in-law had a warrant for his arrest this was like 20+ years ago the warrant was for skipping court for an assault from a bar fight. He wanted to go out drinking one night so he calls his cousin that has no clue about the warrant to borrow his car he gets pulled over he knows his cousins DOB address what hospital he was born in mothers maiden name

  8. They denied me for savor no idea why gonna call the reconsideration like and if not apply for Amazon card

  9. The amazon visa is a chase card. It's not unheard of to get approved being over 5/24 I tried at 7/24 and ws denied but my score only 700 and I had just opened an Amex card

  10. Why not do both put new on and reboot the old that way you already have a spare.

  11. You do know you can have your G26 slide cut for an optic.

  12. You probably should have came here with questions first. I'm sure if you did someone would have told you to get a regular credit card with a 0% intro. I've seen 12 to 21 months depending on the card

  13. Yep that’s where that nice “clunk” comes from when sometimes slowing down or speeding up. Gotta love ford.

  14. My 4Runner use to clunk when slowing down and taking off until I found out it has a zerk fitting to put grease in

  15. It fits my gen 5 19 I have not shot it with the threaded barrel I was cleaning both guns so I just dropped it into see if it would fit.

  16. This works for any stain on carpet also good for repairs to wood floor

  17. I just drain out what comes out, fill with water, drive. Drain, fill with water, drive. Takes a while but continue until it comes out pretty clear and fill with coolant. You're right it's a pain but it's not really difficult.

  18. Not a mechanic but I can confirm this is possible I did it parked on the street in front of my house. Catching all of the coolant is the hardest part make sure you have several empty jugs to start with. I also used a blue devil radiator flush and degreaser. I also used distilled water for the process not sure if necessary but did it anyway. YouTube is a good resource for diy car maintenance

  19. If you are old enough to get social security you are to old to be president

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