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  1. Warta Posnan. Were second division Poland when I started the save. It took 17 seasons of wheeling and dealing. Benefit over other leagues is you could fully rest your squad around UCL games as the league was usually tied up by mid season.

  2. It just needs some sort of competitive element. Preferably clan wars.

  3. If my builder isn't free for 11 days that just means I'm not going to play bb for 11 days. L move.

  4. Check out the thread where someone did the math on how many attacks you'll need to save up for the next upgrade. It'll be 11+ days of star bonus.

  5. All I can imagine is supercell dont see bb as a base where you keep builders busy/ lab going all the time. You just have it in the background, get your star bonus every day and keep it ticking along.

  6. I'm hardly getting any defenses so I can't gain an elixir

  7. Think as so many are stuck in the clouds. I had none for about an hour and then 5 at once.

  8. Must be nice to get that many attacks in without clouds. I can't do more than 3 before it cuts me off on any of my accounts ranging from bh4-9

  9. I get clouds most of the time. Just count to 3 and go back to village. If it doesn't connect instantly it won't at all. Sometimes it takes 9-10 attempts.

  10. They should have chosen one, either make the average attack return less loot or increase cost of upgrades.

  11. The update is good for maxers who have a variety of troops to use and strategise and bad for people that rushed for 6th builder and have only max cannon cart.

  12. Is there any chance builder base will get a clan wars style feature one day?

  13. Hogs are my favourite main village, builder base and clan capital troop.

  14. What level are your heroes? There is a massive difference between a lvl 20 and a lvl 40 warden.

  15. I'm trying to see spoilers and I cant find any.

  16. That's the point, 3 stars weren't meant to be regular thing which were at th13-14 for professionals

  17. At the moment the pro 3 star rate is at about 30%, which is similar to th13 when that first dropped. By the end of th14 the hit rate was 70%.

  18. Why would you want heroes thrown into base? Unless it comes with invulnerability timer.

  19. Won the UCL with Warta Posnan in Poland. Will always have a place in my heart.

  20. Download Parallel space. Download clash on it. Set up supercell id.

  21. With the season we've had, even having a 1/8 chance at this point is a miracle. Win every game and we've got a chance.

  22. Imo, with Tencent having a majority stake in Supercell they may be faced with continued pressure to increase revenues. Which I believe may eventually lead to a more p2w format. But I also know that supercell is still fairly independent so I’m not sure if / when that would happen

  23. I understand why its getting down voted but as long as they don't nerf gold pass why would people be against a diamond pass where you can use heroes while they upgrade for extra $4 a month? It's already p2w you can just buy gems...

  24. I am strategically rushed. I would be a th13 if was a maxer, but instead I am th15 with max heroes and 3 max pets. I am much more useful to my clan in war and cwl and I can actually play the game without any hero upgrades to worry about.

  25. Assuming 2 stars per attack, cwl and regular war, you would be about 700 war stars a year... considering the majority of the player base can't war as their heroes are upgrading, anything above 1000 would be impressive. Its just a judge of time played really rather than any measure of quality.

  26. Yaya Sanogo and Kouma Babacar were like Henry and Bergkamp in Fm10.

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